Parsing the bb cream shelves in the dresser, from favorite to inappropriate tonal resources

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As military, makeup for me as well chosen with some difficulty. And if seator still can not really have to pay attention or make it Shine on darker substrate-the Foundation (which I often do), then Foundation should come padonu and skin tone. Put your deposits once acquired Korean creams and tell you about some of them.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 PA+++

Of course, at the beginning of their acquaintance with Korean cosmetics, I could not pass up this legendary product from the legendary brand. Especially in the line has quite a light shade 13, which I bought to sample, as 21 I was too dark.

I bought a small version of the tool, so the bottle is pretty ordinary.

But even he has a wide thin spout for dispensing.

The cream is medium consistency. It’s not a serum, it is not watery base, but also a special density in it.

Apply and spread without any problems. I usually do it with my hands, but sponge all quite decent it turns out.

It is worn pretty good, Zornitsa underneath the face starts at the usual time for me of 3-4 hours. I’m not slipping, not peeling stresses, such trouble does not occur. But I’m a bb cream reveals another negative — very strongly clog pores, just after 1 day it socks I have to do rescue massage hydrophilic oil to clean out all the tubes. So my other tone means don’t sin. Besides, it doesn’t quite fit me in tone and padonu bit dark and rasovic.

Opaque properties of the medium. In General, the tone will align, but the flaws can’t handle.

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Color: No. 13

Protection: SPF42 PA+++

Cost: 500 rubles.

Usage time: a year or more

Rating: 4

Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm SPF32 PA++

Great bibesco, at the moment the only practically suitable for my skin.

Also Packed in tube with a spout for dispensing.

The consistency with the previous cream, but it is sometimes traced some of the inclusions that the allocation between the fingers blend in with the General consistency.

Here he is on the left

Quite easy to apply, but can sometimes take a little dance with a tambourine. In the beginning, I couldn’t get used to it and put it on a multifunctional gel, and then it somehow in itself was not bad inscribed and with no special manipulations.

But his resistance is not too high. In 2-3 hours consistently podplavleniya on the face, in particular heat right starts to slide. It is necessary to consolidate and improve during the day.

Hiding properties also average. It seems to me that a bit more than Misha, but overall about the same.

And yet it is composed of zinc, so it can dry pimples, but all the skin at once, too, for this reason, I try to indulge in them less often, though the hand and reaches out to him for the right shade. Perfect skin problems in the period of exacerbation, will help to neutralize the situation.


Shade: the only

Protection: SPF32 PA++

Cost: about 500 rubles.

Usage time: a year or more

Rating: 4

Eyenlip Pure Cotton Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 50+ PA+++

The cream I put in a gift in the next parcel from the Korean store. Very generous, although, as it turned out, it is not my tone.

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The same simple soft tube, screw cap, spout for dispensing.

The consistency is quite thick, much thicker previous characters of the post. But it is distributed no worse is not a problem, however, and the density of the coating may be a little bit thicker.

Opaque properties are a little more significant.

During the day the person behaves well, thick in the usual time. Ink does not flow into lines, does not accentuate peeling (but I virtually never happens).

In General, a good tone, but I do not fit perfectly. I adapted it slightly lighten spec.means.


Color: No. 21

Protection: SPF50+ PA+++

Costs: about 400 rubles.

Usage time: a year or more

Rating: 4+

In dovershenie here is a comparative Swatch of all the shades at once:

From left to right — Eyenlip, Mizon, Missha

You need to remember that when solidification creams are oxidized and slightly change your tone in the direction of a slightly darker hue.


Let the creams do not deserve fives, but I got used to use them, not disappear as good. And Mizon and he would be in love, if not for his instability.

And what do you know makeup and BB creams for snow white? Share in the comments, I’m always looking for something new and good)

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