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Good day!

For a long time in my retirement I use Korean funds today and tell you about two of them.

I thought that since my serum is left on the bottom, so the pull is no time.

Brand IUNIK quite young, but has already won the trust of many with his caring, which, by the way, she has no so much yet.

But all that is needed is-hydrophilic oil, scrub, toners, creams for different skin types, masks and, of course, whey.

Face serum Vitamin Synergy UNIK Propolis Serum

This Golden girl is designed according to the manufacturer nourish, moisturize, soften and fight wrinkles.

The serum contains a high percentage of extract of propolis and 70% and 12% of extracts of sea buckthorn, which are in the first position in the list structure.

Placed it in a glass vial of 50 ml. Another plus for me. The generosity of Koreans knows no boundaries in the volume of their funds as opposed to, for example, the European.

Additionally it is equipped with a pipette,

which passes through the narrow neck, which is limiting and does not allow him to get dirty on the serum.

Consistency it is easy enough, jelly gel, I would say.

When I first applied it on the face, even thought that too for my dry skin, it will be too weak. And I’m very, very wrong!

Perfume the serum barely pronounced, you can hear notes of honey, which is not surprising.

Once applied on the skin, no stickiness or greasiness. I always apply the serum from the heart-and fill the pipette and can then add when I feel I this dose is not enough.

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IUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum does not conflict with any of my face cream. For all the time use did not cause any negative skin reactions.


What I got after typing it in your daily care:

  • The facial skin has become very smooth and soft, and I think there was even some luminescence.
  • Peeling, which I was worried about last winter, this has not yet come. I certainly understand that it is not only her merit, but significant contribution in this too she made.
  • Serum just perfectly soothes the skin and relieves irritation. I know that the pressure on the face of something impossible, but I can’t always restrain yourself. The redness that appears after this procedure, this serum eliminates fine.
  • Consumed quite economically, depending on the quantity that you choose for yourself.
  • The cost is also very nice, which gives the opportunity to pamper your skin by purchasing it without the huge losses to our wallet.

In General, I can recommend it to any skin type, the manufacturer, by the way, focuses more on problem.

The only issue is allergies.

These people I would recommend to be careful with it, because components of beekeeping that often cause severe allergic reaction.

And caring means without flaws for me.

Gladly repeat it in the future or try some else brands, good their selection is pretty good.

Price: about 1500 rubles, depending on where you buy them.

Time of use: several months.

Rating: 5+++.

IUNIK Lime Mild Moisture Peeling Gel

Fruit mask for face, which contains five species of fruit acids, lime, grapefruit, orange, Apple and lemon. And, by the way, not all of them are hidden in its tail, and are at the top of the list.

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Here’s what I understand!

It smells pleasantly citrus.

The skin does not burn completely, although initially I was ready.

Is he in a rough tube with hinged cap white-lime color.

The amount of peeling 120ml, Korean is quite a standard.

And that’s what I was most surprised by it the first time you use is consistency.

Geleva-jelly transparent peeling the manufacturer recommend to apply on dry skin and then gently spread it on the face, some time massaging and then rinse.

Immediately after application

What could be easier?!

A little distributed his hand

This peel after massaging is divided as if into two components — a watery serum and pellets, which appear under the action of our hands.

So it absolutely does not dry the skin during operation, but on the contrary moisturizes it.

Before using this peel I was already familiar with such means as I thought. So here I’ve got a big surprise and admiration for his work.

If any of you ever tried peeling the bedroll Clarins, that too will fall in love with this.

Here you will not pull on your skin a paraffin substance, which in the end still need to wash off.

This is quite mild compared to Clarins.

The only time to remove it… These are the pellets that appear in the process of “work” can cling peach fuzz and not remove the first time.

The skin after using it is so sleek and smooth and it actually “breathes” and pleases me in the mirror.


People can like and approach this gentle peeling facial:

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  • For those looking for a delicate product for exfoliate their skin.
  • That does not like harsh facial scrubs.
  • People with sensitive, combination and dry skin (with problem everything is very individual).

Price: about 1000 rubles.

Time of use: several months.

Rating: 5+++.

Here such a pleasant experience left me with skin care products brand IUNIK. Work and do not shout about it from all angles. I will be glad to continue the acquaintance with the brand and already have planned a night mask with propolis and toner with rose.

With respect, Elena.

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