Part of the autumn collection Pupa Retro Illusion: highlighter, mascara and a palette of lipsticks



Today I want to show you some of the funds from the Pupa that was released in the autumn collection Retro Illusion.

Never tire of repeating that limidi this brand I love dearly for their thoughtfulness and quality and regularly buy them and don’t plan to stay????.

Start with a highlighter Retro Illusion Highlighter in shade 001 Optical Art.

Highlighter is made in Italy. It weighs 10 grams. Shelf life with an open lid – 12 months. Price 1060 RUB.

Packing a highlighter is very interesting. The housing is plastic and the cap is covered with velvet. Opens to 180 degrees, closes securely with a click. The entire area of the lid has a convenient mirror, tools for application are not provided.

The surface of the highlighter consists of two sectors. The top reminds me of a honeycomb. Looks very interesting.

The highlighter is quite tightly compacted, when set on the brush is not dusty. At the same time is well transmitted to the skin. Friends with natural and synthetic bristles brushes.

Both the highlighter shade is very delicate, pearl. The top compartment gives a soft pink hue, the bottom is Golden. If they are mixed it turns neutral, wearable color that will suit most skin tones and won’t look foreign spot.

Top to bottom: gold, pale pink, shades by mixing the

Face highlighter creates a delicate flare that will be appropriate at any time.

If you look closely, the texture of the highlighter, you can see tiny sparkling particles, but I don’t see them. The highlighter creates a uniform glow and emphasizes the texture of the skin.

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The resistance on my combination skin for about 8 hours, which is pretty good. The highlighter I am more than satisfied, so I put a solid top five.

Next in line – mascara Vamp! Mascara in shade 703 Green Illusion.

Made in Italy. The volume is 9 ml shelf Life with an open lid – 6 months. The price was 830 RUB.

The box carcass is made of plastic with matte gold plating. It is quite heavy. The number of shade listed at the bottom of the package.

Fuzzy brush has an hourglass shape.

The texture of the mascara is rich and creamy. She doesn’t need time to “colorable”.

The Green Illusion is the best suited to describe this shade. The green is definitely present and more noticeable it is on the eyelashes. But, at the same time, there is a significant concentration of the blue color, which is well seen on swatches.

The shade of mascara I really like the pencil from Chanel, which I showed here. Sometimes I wear them a duet, then the eyes can see a mile away????.

As I said above, the texture of the mascara is quite thick, the limiter produces a big portion. So lovers of natural lashes, the effect is unlikely to enjoy. But those who, like me, chasing voluminous lashes effect mascara will like.

Will show ink in. My lashes are quite long but not very thick.

Mascara I don’t layer, and one approach is to stain the lashes until the desired result is fine with me. That’s what comes out of this.

On the lower lashes and the other mascara

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It is seen that there is little bonding, but for me it is absolutely not critical. But there is good volume and tone is noticeable immediately, and not only at certain angles.

During the day the ink behaves well, is not imprinted and is not showered. It’s cool, given that I live in a humid climate, and many instances, regardless of price, can not cope with our weather. Mascara is removed easily, the usual means for removing makeup.

Mascara I liked, appreciate it for 5.

And finally, the palette of lipsticks, Retro Lip Illusion Palette in shade 001 Retro Illusion.

Made in Italy. A volume of 2 ml (1 ml each lipstick). No perfume, the smell of the lipstick. Shelf life with an open lid – 24 months. Price 880 RUB.

The packaging of the palette is identical to the highlighter. Same plastic box with a velvet lid. Opens to 180 degrees, closes with a click. In the bag accidentally opens, the lock is reliable.

Inside there is a funny brush-mariusica have no idea who it will be convenient to use it????.

Eyeshadow palette 2 shades of lipsticks, one of which has a matte texture, and the second is glossy.

Such formats edition lipsticks I am wary. How many of them I wouldn’t have, there was always a problem is normally to gain and apply lipstick. And what was my surprise when I discovered the palette from Pupa lovely pliable texture that do not require layering, and immediately generously give color.

The first shade is glossy, is a classic red with cool undertone. Soft, creamy texture in the best sense of the word, perfectly applied to the lips, smoothes the relief and peeling, gives your lips volume. Tint visually make the teeth whiter, I love it!

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The resistance characteristic of about 4 hours. Before leaving, it leaves a light pink tint.

The second shade, matte, seems to me a Burgundy-plum. I love these shades to wear in autumn. The texture here is more dry, if lips are flaky, the lipstick will accentuate them.

Otherwise, wear it is very nice. It creates a weightless velvety finish, it is not felt on the lips lightly printed on the dishes. The vitality of her taller than the woman next door – 5-6 hours. Tint does not leave after themselves.

Both lipsticks for loop not running, do not form white stripes at the junction of the lips. Health properties I did not notice but a negative impact on the skin either. Put a minus for the somewhat dry texture of a matte lipstick, and assess the palette on the 5.

In conclusion, the General image of products from the post.

In my opinion, fall Pupa failed, what do you think?????

Thank you for your attention!


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