Part of the winter collection of Pupa Rock & Rose: highlighter and lipstick


Today I want to show you a couple of products from very bright and festive collection, by Pupa.

Highlighter Rock & Rose Highlighter in shade 001 Rose Gold Indecent.

What can I say, the packaging is chic and shiny. As for me, the collection was very impressive. Why should only the embroidered rose on the lid of the highlighter😍.

The product is manufactured in Italy. Weight is 8 grams. Shelf life with an open lid – 12 months. Price 1170 rubles.

The compact opens easily, closes with a click. The entire area of the lid is a mirror, it is convenient to use. Any tools for application are not provided.

On the surface of the highlighter are convex inscriptions, which quickly erased in the process.

Although the manufacturer and dubbed this shade “indecent pink-gold”, I see the classic champagne shade with a slight slant in gold.

The texture of the highlighter is a bit powdery, while it is absolutely not dusty, easy to apply and blend.

The intensity is not up to Becca, but still creates a very noticeable glow.

Can’t call it completely homogeneous in its composition, you can see some glittering particles but, surprisingly, they do not fall into the pores and does not accentuate skin texture. I always suffer for this reason, in this case, extremely happy with the way the highlighter looks on my face.

Swedenization natural lighting

In addition to direct destination, I still love to use a highlighter as eyeshadow. He in this incarnation is good — delicately sparkling, is a perfect match to the black arrow.

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With resistance all right. On my combination skin it lasts 10-11 hours on the eyelids using base – up to make-up remover. Does not tarnish and is not slipping.

I don’t have any claim to this means, therefore, making it a solid five.

Liquid lipstick Rock & Metal Rose Matt Lip Fluid in the shade 001 Insolent Red.

The lipstick tube of a conventional plastic. From ukrashalok only gold cap and lettering.

Made in Italy. Shelf life with an open lid – 12 months. Perfume has. A volume of 3 ml (Hooray! This lipstick has a chance to end!). Price 775 rubles.

Applicator the lipstick very comfortable shape – round tapered petal with a container for lipstick and a slightly pointed tip that perfectly stained lips. The brush is not required.

Lipstick refers to the kind of zastyvshie, but grasped immediately, there is time to apply it carefully and, if necessary, to correct.

Immediately after Nonnenmacher minute after the application of

The finish of the lipstick, as expected, brushed with a slight metallic sheen. Don’t know how to achieve this effect, as the texture is no hint of shimmer.

The shade is very interesting, a bit of a chameleon. On hand he seems cold strawberry pink but on the lips and the case looks red.

Natural light

The metallic effect is better seen in artificial light.

Swedenization artificial lighting

The lipstick is very very strong. If you gently eat and drink, you can carry it, not adjusting all day. 7-8 hours it will last quite calmly. It leaves on the dishes, but the intensity does not lose its.

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Judge for yourself. Here is the lipstick after a hearty lunch. It is evident that she was a little out of the mucosa and a drop flowed into the corners of the mouth. The outline is in place, the scraps and crumbs is not in sight.

To remove lipstick better oil. Macellaro will not take it. If you want to delete/refresh your lipstick during the day, I just put a greasy balm on top, gently wipe the lipstick with a dry cloth, and paint again.

Lipstick dries the lips a little, but not critical. The regular conditioner is easy to solve this problem.

As part of the collection came out 3 shades of lipstick, honestly, I want to buy another. It was too good. Of course, put 5.

Well, in the end, the couple shared images😊

Thank you for your attention!


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