Passion Latine ID Parfums. Vanilla RAF-coffee

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Passion Latine ID Parfums, fragrance for women, belongs to a group of floral Oriental gourmet.

Perfumer: Vincent Ricord.

Top notes: ginger and Mandarin

Middle notes: coffee, vanilla, and Jasmine

Base notes: sandalwood, Tonka beans absolute, cocoa.

Sweet and spicy ginger and candied tangerine create a bright beginning of the song. Very quiet, barely perceptible floral note. Gentle note abstract colors. The aroma quickly reveals the high notes, though beautiful, but short-lived. Recognizable and delightful aroma of the coffee, it all: the awakening and comfort, passion and energy. Note coffee make any perfume composition is warm, delicious and incredibly attractive. Bewitching and captivating vanilla. Sandalwood creates the “butter” note. Vanilla RAF-coffee. Coffee iced. Beans slim with subtle nut and caramel overtones, enhance the smell of vanilla and give the songs a soft surrounds the plume. Our database reveals the essence of chocolate compositions, bewitching bewitching scent of chocolate with almonds.

“RAF coffee” or simply “RAF” — a hot coffee drink made from espresso, vanilla sugar and cream, which are mixed and whipped the steam. Air creamy vanilla foam. The peculiarity of this drink is in the preparation: if other milky coffee drinks based on espresso milk component is prepared separately and is added in coffee, in the preparation of RAF-coffee whipped cream with coffee.

If you like Black Opium YSL necessarily meet the Passion Latine. Close flavors.

Good durability and a loop, as many gourmet fragrances.

The fragrance is available in Eau de Parfum concentration and volume of 50 ml.

Price: 3 450 rubles without discounts.

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