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Hello everybody. Long ago, I read the reviews on the lipstick Maybelline Super Stay matte ink and purchase stopped the facts that lipstick last as long that they are difficult to wash off and they are very sticky. And when the soul wanted another lipstick choice, of course, for me, fell on a red tint in the store, I’m convinced girl that this is the lipstick I need. My opinion will probably be different from many others, although many will coincide. Went…

I bought the only red in the line, which is a direct red, not dark and not pink is a shade of 20 Pioneer.

Very convenient applicator. Draw the contour is not difficult.

Hue cool red for cool pink base, I love it.

Texture: creamy, dense enough to apply easily. The photo has suddenly developed some bald spots on the upper lip, but no matter how much I had not considered lips at the moment of shooting the mirror, never saw.

The finish is not matte tightly, not paper. It remains a very subtle sheen, but still I can’t call her and creamy she brushed. Rather, the light from the window gives a glare.

The durability is phenomenal. All day I was running on the order of markets, stores, was eating any street food, several cups of coffee and in the evening I saw the lipstick in absolutely original form. The first time I see such vitality, it also alarmed me– as I take it off I’ll be? And is removed simply with any oil. I put olive oil on a cotton pad and removed the lipstick is easy and there is no Tinta.

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Lipstick absolutely does not dry lips, does not accentuate wrinkles like a dry matte lipstick.

Stickiness: It is indeed present, but so small, the lips do not stick together when speaking. I compare it with my Lime Crime lipstick in shade Red rose, so much more sticky (the way of all my lipsticks Lime Crime the sticky). Moreover, this stickiness goes away literally after 20 minutes and not cause any discomfort.

The image looks insanely beautiful, this luxurious shade of red that attracts attention, everything I love, yeah. Looks not vulgar, stylish.

And decided to show you photos taken on the phone in the evening under artificial light, because the shade itself don’t look, but I wanted to show how it looks later in the evening when I took the whole day. Never eaten, not peeled, even at the mucosa.

Well, as it does not compare to the lipstick, which I have always for several years and is for me a certain model, Nouba Millebaci 07.

Left– Nouba Millebaci 07

Right– Maybelline Super Stay

It is seen that Nouba Millebaci though cool shade, but more red base in it and Maybelline clearly pink base, which is also incredibly beautiful.

In luxem you understand, I was extremely pleased with the lipstick and I’m sorry that the range is so little red, otherwise I would have bought everything.

Interested in your opinion, who has used exactly this tone, we have similar opinions. Other shades are also good on performance?

Thanks for reading, mark…

Julia PS

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