Pastels Beauty Bigbang


Earlier I showed a collection of foil duochrome brand Beauty BigBang here, today I have some polishes of this brand, and specifically, the four from the collection of pastel shades.

I ask you to look at.

Start with overall performance — all paints creamy texture, I would even call them enamels.

The consistency is thickish, it objectively is that the coating may not always look perfectly smooth.

Brush good, exactly cut, half round, falls flat in the cuticle.

But, the hairs slightly harsh for such a delicate texture, the brush can disperse the layer of varnish in painting. Accordingly, the texture itself is thick and not very soft brush together can give the SAG and the coating seems to be homogeneous.

Going forward, if the paint to dilute and not to push too hard on the brush, it fits properly (on my photos, none of the paint is still diluted in the future of course, I did it, because generally I like to be thinner)

Each bottle is Packed in good quality cardboard box.

Differences in textures of colors and their application no I have not noticed.

As I said above, I have four shades, lately I’ve been very fond of such boring plain colors, even favorite blue pushed into the far corner.

So, Beauty Bigbang Nail Polish, the shade of #009.

Soft beige with rotovisco. Understandably, they were the first I painted.

In the photo two layers with the top (remember that lucky is not diluted yet, if you look closely, you can see that is not quite exactly — in life, however, this is not noticeable)

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Beauty Bigbang Nail Polish, shade #003.

Fragile delicate pink with a slight warm undertone. Two layers with top.

Beauty Bigbang Nail Polish, shade #004.

White. What is remarkable in this instance — it is whiter than most white Chanel Eastern Light, I have compared, although I do not exclude the moment, my Chanel, over time, changed the hue, as written earlier girls. But this is denser, Eastern Light falls more transparent and farforovoe. Even my pale hands look tanned… it is not)

Two layers with top.

And latest, Beauty Bigbang Nail Polish, shade #002.

Lilac with pinkish, sometimes, depending on lighting, with a violet note. Undertone warm. Two layers with top.

Shared a photo

Summing up. Lucky I liked the color scheme in this collection there are still definitely yellow and blue, but I did not take, as blue I’m so in bulk, and yellow do not like. There are also brighter shades of red including.

For a beginner, probably lucky to be complicated in application. In the future I varnish diluted, and placed they were not in the example easier. Would still cap silver)

Volume: 9 ml

Price: about 250 rubles each.

Thank you for watching. I — Lena.

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