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Patches are not a frequent guest on my beauty shelf. But if they are, usually I use it “heavily” and did not resume the jars again and again. Maybe no one instance to has not impressed me so strongly that I live here understand the need, for example, toner or serum?

I just tried about 5 brands, all Korean, and now tell you also about Koreans L. Sanic.

For fun I took the patches with collagen and mucin black snails with peptide and red ginseng extract.

Probably by mistake, but I got one spatula for 2 banks (of course, everything was sealed repeatedly). Convenient device, it is convenient to get the patches from the package. Earlier I met a semicircular spatula, and that they were not very comfortable.

Patches put us at 60 pieces — standard set. That is, if you use every day, the banks will last for a month. I usually use according to the situation, as needed — sometimes every day, sometimes every other day.

Orange patches — peptide and red ginseng extract — was somehow drier, swims in them is much less active than black with collagen and mucin black snails. Look, even the photo shows how the last serum already dripping. Although, I confess, the result of this fact is essentially no effect, and here and there patches “stick” equally well (black does not slip (I am not lying to them, and all through the house)) and equally well for skin care. Keep on 20 minutes, prefer to do it in the morning, although the manufacturer tells us on the evening.

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The only thing I would like to note is quite rounded “drop”. At least, on me it sits a little strange — the main impact zone is closer to the temples. It’s good for the black patches that I use to moisturize and enhance skin elasticity. But red used to fight edema, and there area captured only by half.

Of course, you can flip them over and put that way, but I am also not very convenient:

L. Sanic Collagen and Black Premium Snail Eye Patch

As I said, it patches with collagen and mucin black snails. Serum stimulates skin regeneration and improves its elasticity. The skin is saturated with them and acquires elasticity, the skin becomes smoother and wrinkles are reduced (just below the photo I will show the result). The patches I added to the main care cream (now I have Ultraceuticals recent post). This cream itself is so-so, but with these patches I get very good food, I decided to kill him in this tandem and the result is excellent. Wrinkles just smoothed out after half-banks. Although at first I hardly noticed any effect. How often do I get with Asians, they need time to “break up” and begin to act on the skin.

L. Sanic Collagen and Black Premium Snail Eye Patch well I also went to horizontal lines on the forehead and begbroke. A couple of times a week I wear one of these under eye patches from edema, and forehead — to power. Such multitasking))

L. Sanic Peptides and Red Ginseng Premium Eye Patch

It patches with peptide and red ginseng extract. Have the effect of lifting and tighten the skin. Red ginseng extract stimulates blood circulation and tones the skin. There is a slight chill that I feel a little stronger after lifting for a couple of minutes. These patches are also good nourish the skin, but here I see more, it is anti-edematous results. 20 minutes in the patches — and I’m not a victim of the apiary.

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In the case of L. Sanic Peptides and Premium Red Ginseng Eye Patch, the result is not cumulative, and a one-off. That is, used the patches, got the effect. I’m talking about lifting. I used almost the whole jar and with confidence praise and hydration and the impact on wrinkles, but here, in comparison with black patches put just four.

Here is my skin under the eyes now. Looks better than when I was 27)))

Formulations for understanding:

Only now noticed as a brand praises, pointing to the box that they nambawan in deep nutrition, lifting and getting rid of deep wrinkles. On each differently, but the meaning is similar. Well, I think, will confirm. Patches really great. Well, except for the shape))

Do you use the patches? What are your favorite? What did not like?

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