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The theme of pimples and other inflammations close to me for 20 years. A lot I tried a little to solve this problem. Today the thing that works.

If you ask me how to start a beauty, I will answer without hesitation with a clean skin. Whatever other cosmetics, though you use the luxury Suite, super premium and all, but if defeated pimples — beauty is not called. Under any sauce. And this struggle is often for life and death, often many years. Now, I almost got their wish and found clean skin proper care, the last five years I only support it. But even now I have periods of rashes. Bad the cream (Spivak I’ve spoiled life), nervous, not hungry, corny certain days of the cycle — get inflammation. Inflammation I have been struggling since puberty 10 years and with varying success. In documetary period, it was the lethal alcoholic tonics (Clean&Clear), hard the can type Garnier, just wiping the face with calendula with alcohol, or at home mixed with vodka.

During the passions of Korean cosmetics 7-8 years ago I discovered the best it can be — patches SkinFood Trouble Clear Spot Patch (post), on which sat many years and bought several packs (even if the price grew from 250 RUB once, up to 700 in the last time, I was willing to pay). During the day, the patches have helped to solve the problem almost completely. I told them all I was ready to pray for them. But the summer came the news — the patches off the market! And I have run out of stocks! I realized that I would have to try a million tools and no one knows when will come the solution. However, the replacement I found rather quickly. And it is a miracle that it happened. Sister’s picking up on some Korean sites — I asked to get me something from acne in the form of patches. Without much hope. When they arrived, and I opened the package, it turned out that they are almost completely identical to the SkinFood and the principle of operation is the same. It was true happiness.

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: Rich and Clear Fit Master Patch

Black patches are more praised for their subtlety. But I don’t think it’s a plus. When equal to the cost of these in a package less, and the area they have smaller. Ie, a big problem can not grasp. About wear day — doubtful, because they glisten and face visible. Ie I can drive them to work (still no one can see me), can wear, if it’s somewhere on his forehead under the hair, but the chin (a favorite place of my rash) it will not paste. But in fact due to the fact that the edges are thinner and of a different material, these patches are filled with the retrieved content faster, you need to change more often. However, in all other respects, they are neither red nor favorite Skinfood.

: RICH Acne Pimple Master Patch

Top: RICH, bottom.

Red patches in package of 24 pieces, as Ccinfodisc, the same ratio for different sizes. I use a small first, medium and large at least — for large or fresh lesions. In addition large can be cut into 2-4 pieces and use alone, the effect will not be worse. In fact, the larger the patch, the more it can absorb the contents of the inflammation and the faster you deal with it. By the way, these pads are more matte and less noticeable on the face (for example under the hair, if you stick on the forehead or whiskey).

Both patches seem fine on the face throughout the day and night (I sleep face down in the pillow and actively turning in his sleep), will survive the wash (well, suddenly the makeup was bad or a different problem that required washing). The principle of their work — pulling all the content from the inside out, in patch. Sometimes I think that if, in purulent surgery there was something with more size, problems could be significantly less.

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How does it work? Have a ripe problem (important!) with access to the content. If not ripe — it makes no sense, the effect will be. Clean, degrease, apply the patch, wait. Periodically look at the patch, if he were white more than half — change to a new one. During the day 2-4 times. The plaster sucks all the contents, absorbs, it is just removed and thrown out. At the site of inflammation there is a small hole, which is rapidly closing.

These patches save me from problems on the face. Not all of course but majority. I can easily recommend. Perhaps this is my main opening 2018.

Cost: 330 rubles per each pack.

Use: Oct.

Volume: 24 PCs different size red, 18 black reverseme.

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