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Hello everyone!

Ashamed to admit it, but patches from Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold I never used similar products in the care. However, when your age is slowly and surely approaching “that” age mark, the course started to go all kinds of money to somehow smooth these are already visible signs of aging. I turned it to the patches because of accolades, with soaring popularity ratings, was considered a very decent arguments for buy and solution to my problem.


Patches came to me from a distance in a thick cardboard packaging that during the journey not even deformed. Inside the box is a small plastic bottle — washer, with a tightly screwed cap, under which was hiding a membrane that protects the patches from drying out.

The kit also includes a neat spatula with flat and thin tip, which is very suitable to wear patches.

Themselves hydrogel patches and very thick, made in dark colors, with the addition of gold particles that are not transferred to the skin. Also have just the perfect teardrop shape.

In the package there are 60 pieces divided into 2 rows of 30 pieces.

Essences that permeated the patches abound in the jar, with almost daily use, it is not drying and does not evaporate.


Floral and very pleasant, he is absolutely not sharp and not cloying on the skin is not felt.

The use of patches.

The patches try to use every day, through the night and in the morning. I can’t say that I have a lot of reasons so often to use them, just wanted to test their effectiveness with prolonged use. Apply the patches on cleansed and protonirovanie the skin, before the stage of hydration to the under eye with a thin tip to the nose, lightly pressing down with a spatula for a more dense stsepleniya with the skin.

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To me such method of accommodation is much more lovely because it will allow you to capture wider area of mimic wrinkles. Go about 30 minutes until as dry patches, but there is a small feature: the first 5-7 minutes, I recommend lie to the essence of a little soaked and patches do not slip, well, then you can do the usual things. During wear no discomfort does not occur — no tingling, no tingling, only a light chill, but it’s due to the fact that patches are always kept in the fridge.

Results from using.

The results were a little more modest than I was expecting. First, I felt a lifting effect, the skin is more toned and elastic, also felt moisturizing. That’s all… ie either after the first application, no more than 3 weeks of use have not noticed major changes. Yes, I have no lumps, swelling, bruises not strongly expressed, ie I have no such problems with this area, but wrinkles, as they were, and remained. They might be a little smoothed out immediately after use, but the next day, they again will be the same as before.

immediately after application

General view


Patches were good, they are able to moisturize the thin skin under the eyes and give a temporary lifting effect, but the expectations were clearly too high. Using the patches for about three weeks and almost on a regular basis, I didn’t notice the cumulative effect, the skin condition was exactly the same as it was. Therefore, they should benefit if, right here and now, as SOS tool, it works fine, but wait, that skin smoothed, wrinkles bruises with the sell – still for such a serious magic patches Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold are not yet ready.

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Term of use: about 4 weeks

Cost 871 rubles

Assessment 3

Thank you 🙂

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