Pathetic fake or a unique original?

Perfume water, which now will be discussed, was in my collection because of love D&G Light Blue.

The group flavors:
citrus, floral, fruity
Top notes:
Campanula, Sicilian lemon, Granny Smith Apple
Heart notes:
white rose, Jasmine, green bamboo
Base notes:
amber, cedar, musk
I really like this fresh and simple citrus flavor without suffocating sweetness and vanilla. But in recent years, I come across instances with no resistance. I smell only at the time of spraying and for ten minutes after. No clothes, on the skin it is not delayed. The survey entourage showed that the “spirits” I don’t smell. Bottle – weaving went for three months and frankly, it’s too wasteful for me. But I love this smell, so decided to turn to brands, specializing in the production of so-called imitation fragrances of famous brands. Start with common Refan and Reni, representatives of the “bulk” of perfumes.

Refan 189 Light Blue (Dolce&Gabbana) was truly pathetic copy. Very diluted scent, no doubt reminiscent of the original, but with a hint of paper. But the vitality is in the spirit of the fragrance – the original – the same no. To use them I could not and after a couple of sitesto the bottle was exiled to perform the role of air freshener in the bathroom.
Cost: 300 rubles for 50 ml

Reni 321 Aroma version of Light Blue (D&G) I took in the format of oil perfumes and toilet waters. Both were very concentrated and almost identical to the original, with the only difference that was dominated by Apple, while in Light Blue more bitterness and lemon. But the version is quite suitable. Durability – three hours active sound to hear the next day. But for the year that has passed since the purchase ( I took the sealed bubbles which are not dispensed ), the smell changed and became clearly felt some kind of nasty note that I could not identify. Vaguely reminiscent of Soviet toilet water extant.
Cost: 400 rubles for 100 ml
250 rubles for 50 ml oil perfume

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Eau de Parfum women Ninel No. 10 (version of Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana), 50 ml
This is the representative of the Belarusian perfumery. The pyramid of this fragrance repeats the pyramid Light Blue

A family of fragrance — floral fruity

Top notes: green Apple, Bellflower and Sicilian lemon

The heart notes: white rose, bamboo, Jasmine

Base notes: ambergris, musk, white cedar

Aroma close to the original sound, but too much musk, citrus notes moved into the background. Plus, I again feel the paper . No disclosure on the skin, it is a flat but pleasant perfume. Vitality – hour. In eight months of stay at my place the smell has changed and now it’s Light Blue even remotely. And toilet water and perfumes, in particular the final product is irrelevant – some musky stuff with hints of paper.
Price: 700 rubles per 50 ml

Oil perfumes USO d16 VS Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. About one of the flavors of Turkish brand USO Creation I have ever written. A wide range of simulations and the quality of some of vodacek very good. But with the d16 came just epic Faile — perfume clearly female. Although I chose it on the official website of the brand in the section of women’s perfumes. My angrily – question letter to the store employees have been safely ignored.
With the men’s version Light Blue I don’t know and to compare with the d16 I can’t. But the smell I don’t like it – it’s very flat, reminiscent of shaving foam or lotion after. Remained a mystery and concentration, do not understand why called perfume oil – this is a common toilet/ toilet water. But the durability is fantastic – more of day clothes and at least 12 hours on the skin. And by the way the bottle is very sturdy.
Cost: 1100 rubles per 50 ml

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In General, the replacement of the pet and failed to find so I continue to update the original perfume throughout the day. If you know good ones fragrances or high quality imitations, be sure to leave passwords and turnout

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