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It all started a long time ago in St. Petersburg. Beautician with the face of Marilyn Monroe and terrible numbers in the passport clearly showed that to my skin anything better acid no.

A method of in vivo tests, I found that the best of the acid in the food — now this.


Source: official website of the brand

Problem porous skin with comedones which is red from all, and the hostess, eating chocolate, is one more duet. Even when the hostess sage once a month still turns into a pumpkin.

I like the philosophy of the Floors. Mutimedia is a project that is shocking the amount of work done. A way to define the compositions and to compose product descriptions is beyond praise.

The choice of acid I went thoroughly — ordered all kinds of samples with a single purpose — to pacify pores and, I confess, did not immediately bound the compliments radiant skin with this exfoliant.

What the manufacturer promises:

Purifies and minimizes enlarged pores

Bha exfoliates the skin

Weightless quickly absorbed due to the water texture

To solve problems: enlarged pores, wrinkles, redness, aging, comedones

For all skin types. To use 2 times a day. Day mandatory sunskin.


Water (water), Methylpropanediol (water), Butylene Glycol (water), Salicylic Acid (acid/exfoliant), Polysorbate 20 (stabilizer), Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract (green tea soothing and antioxidant), Sodium Hydroxide (responsible for the PH level in the working area of 3,2-3,8), Tetrasodium EDTA (stabilizer).

My opinion:

The texture is thickish water is absorbed quickly, or rather a sensation that dries. Finish wet Shine, but not greasy, namely a healthy glow.

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Use it every day problematic, this way you can easily bring the skin to the oversensitive, excessively dried, and and inflammation due to violations of water-lipid balance. For me, the ideal use for the night through the day, and if necessary straight day the king’s daughter, in the morning, maybe this moist, healthy finish emerges through make.

That the product makes on my skin:

Pores tames is a fact. First, they are, but not inflamed. Then skukozhivaetsya and their contents washed away, leaving empty craters, which in turn narrowed.

Inflammation kills per night, but mercilessly, without sunscreen the probability to obtain pigmentary marks. Can also cause inflammation if you overdo it.

If you don’t use it on the second or third day after the first in a long time, with good peeling, and it is better to remove them, so as not to be in crowded places mangy dog. Well, black is not worn on this day. And then the sight of a strange — dandruff Vice versa.

And the most important –the effect of tight braids. I don’t know by what, maybe it boosts the production of collagen, but the skin is stretched as if with fanaticism pulled the braid at the nape.

No wrinkles, or even crow’s feet. Ass baby with a healthy wet finish.

Imagine my surprise. Night pimples deduce — morning paint one eye in the mirror, and the other for the child, and the third with Breakfast in the following, I come to work — compliments, and at heart I am still a pimply monster from yesterday!

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A bonus is the sensitivity, which is particularly to work with facial expressions is not desirable. Not that it hurt, but felt not as usual, sitting Pokerface for no reason.

Realizing this piece, I was granted by this exfoliant in the morning and evening and got Hells sensitivity and rashes.

Next was three days: beauty — mangy dog ( acid on the first day of, exfoliate in the third), when the skin is used every second night.

I naively thought that this action of salicylic acid in any medium, but all others I tried gave only exfoliating and sensitivity of different severity, but not on a baby’s ass.

I periodically forget about this stuff, but always go back to it and really lost track of what bottle.

Must warn that 2% bha is working concentration. I had the temerity to use it when starting the windmill, not yet knowing about chicken pox, what provoked the deterioration of the consequences for the skin. Ironic, but the consequences I am also slowly but surely remove this acid.

Pysy: not so long ago changed jobs. After a couple of glasses of wine the female half of the team asks: what am I doing with a person on a diet sit. Here in a nutshell will tell: acid and insomnia I support the form. So I say: nothing. “The witch” and “it’s Russian” genes get in return.

Post written from phone sleepless mother. For a bug I would be grateful.

Price: 32 euros

Period of use: years

Rating: 5

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