Peeling for face Noreva Exfoliac Facial Scrub.”Let them think that it is plastic…”

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Acid peel Noreva quite popular and has good reviews, I’m already 3rd winter not breaking up with him!

Volume: 50 ml

Cost ~ 800 R

Tube small size of high-quality hard plastic, twist-off cap, the protection of the first opening is.

On the package importer on the label with the description, method of application etc

The composition is good, the third place has glycolic acid.

The consistency is gel, not liquid, with splashes of blue colour (it’s polyethylene). The smell of beauty, tart, neutral.

My type of skin.

Combination, enlarged pores on cheeks and blackheads on nose and chin, in General, oily T-zone; + sensitive is redness and rosacea around the nose. In the cold season the skin is more normal, prone to dryness, and warm — on the contrary, the activity of the sebaceous glands increases the fat content, becomes shiny and the pores become clogged faster.

My impressions and the result

The peeling contains 10.2% AHA acids (glycolic acid) and relatively low pH = 3,5 enough acid work as efficiently as possible.

The manufacturer recommends that you apply this 2-3 times a week instead of cleansing gel (consisting also have acid of 4.7%, but pH = 6). I used 1 once a week on already cleansed skin. Put on a steamed skin (except eye area) as a mask a thin layer, wait a while, then massaging for 2-3 minutes with fingertips and wash off with cool water.

The exfoliating granules are very soft and smooth, the leather doesn’t scratch. Gradually increase the time finding the gel on the skin to 10-15 minutes.

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For some time after application, I feel a slight tingling and tingling. Especially if the skin has sores or some pinholes, but that’s normal for acids.

Immediately after rinsing the skin is flushed. Somewhere within half an hour the tone comes back to normal, face a fresh, matte finish.

Given such a low pH, I don’t use the peel often as you begin to feel the dryness of the skin and the appearance of the face. I alternate this acid peel with other softer: with enzymes, skutkami or litecommerce.

The effect is immediately noticeable after the first application: skin is mega smooth, as if polished, the pores are cleaned, the black spots become lighter.

When used regularly, smoothes out small irregularities and roughness, tactile skin becomes softer and softer, improves the complexion. Inflammation (not opened) are faster and scars less noticeable. Black spots appear at a slower speed (but, of course, cleaning at the beautician is not replaced).

Tubes, 50 ml, enough for me throughout the fall and winter, and even spring is a bit.

Remember that you need to use sunscreen, especially if your treatment involves acids.

Skin condition at the moment

I suggest to try exfoliating peeling gel Noreva Exfoliac, it effectively cleanses the skin and makes it more beautiful, the main thing — correctly to pick up the frequency of use and finding on the skin specifically for your type and condition of the skin.

My rating: 5 of 5

Thank you for your attention!

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