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Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliation is the Foundation of healthy skin. But what if scrubs provoke acne? Acid and high interest threat during periods of strong sun? The answer is simple, you hurry to help Skadi.

Skadi in our market is not particularly popular. 15 years ago I met them only at Yves Rocher. And they were so soft and careful that I was a pimply teenager and a fan of Apricot seeds from Pure lines, it was all for nothing.

Boom and the popularity of this method of cleansing and exfoliation of the skin brought Koreans. Asian skin doesn’t like scrubs, so they must safely and effectively, without hazardous particles.

So in my life there was a series of bright jars from Mizon, Skin Food, The Face Shop. All is good, but with my oily and porous skin should I use peels-skutki 2-3 times a week. This is so that the face was in perfect condition. And the Koreans I missed just 1-2 months. Taking into account the exchange rate and prices from dealers is very expensive.

Had to look for options. And that’s a cosmetologist I tried CHRISTINA. I liked the result. But to watch prices on the Internet was scary, all the same prof.

Price: 26,50 $

Volume: 250 ml

Shelf life after opening is 24 months


My impressions:

  • The texture of the peeling is very similar to the shaving cream. Feel-it is so slippery.
  • And the smell too felt masculine.
  • when applied to the skin turns white, as it were.
  • VERY IMPORTANT — apply a medium layer — not too thin, otherwise the slide will not, and is not too tight, otherwise it will not dry up like this in the dried state
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immediately after application
a little dry and najeem massage skin
those pellets

  • apply only to DRY skin and wait when it dries, then gently and carefully begin rolling the fingers along the massage lines in order not to stretch the skin. It turns out something like this: you See small lumps — so peeling pulls since all the muck. I happened so that after giving, clean air, and so these pellets were gray. After rolling off the wash water. If in some places overdo it with the amount of something left, it can be easily washed away with a sponge.
  • after skutki skin felt very clean. Here’s how to squeak. But it is not over-dried, not dehydrated and generally not aggressive. Ideal after CHRISTINA Peeling Gommage with Vitamin E apply vitamin serum or a moisturizing mask, then they are better absorbed and the effect is significantly more noticeable.

Pros CHRISTINA Peeling Gommage with Vitamin E:

  • economical consumption. A year of regular use 2-3 times a week I took only 2/3 of the banks, that is still about six months;
  • gentle cleansing of the skin without injury;
  • the skin is slightly lighter due to exfoliation;
  • smoother complexion, and the next day visible and more uniform topography
  • does not cause rashes;
  • a little matting. oddly enough, but I noticed that if you do the bedroll in the morning, the whole day person less thick
  • affordable price. Yes… many here will disagree with me, but this peel is like 2 Korean. And these 2 Korean over 3-4 months. So consider 3-4 months and 18 months. What is more profitable?
  • This peel included in the base line and CHRISTINA is on sale almost everywhere, where the mark. Problem to find and buy it — no.
  • long shelf life — as I have mentioned 24 months. 250 ml finish is realistic with regular use.
  • no seasonality in use — it’s nice that you can use in the winter cold and summer on Sunny days.
  • convenient and easy to use — caused-rolled up-washed
  • suitable for all skin types
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I’m sure this peel with me for a long time. It is included in the list of tools that I fit perfectly and I do not wish to spend money even in times of austerity — it is worth it.


Finally, I will share with you budget recipe Skadi: pharmacy calcium chloride + soap. Take liquid calcium chloride in the ampoule applied with a cotton sponge on the skin. The same puff pass on the soap to a little dial on the surface and then again in a circular motion massaging the skin — so, too, will slide down.

The recipe is good and in my student years I used it. But now he’s become more lazy, I komfot and convenience give))) So buy a ready means CHRISTINA Peeling Gommage with Vitamin E

PS: And you are familiar with CHRISTINA? What can you recommend?

Thank you for your attention!


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