Peeling, Holy Land AGE Control Super Lift and my new skin. + application Protocol

Well, it is my turn to share the result of the use of the famous peeling from the Holy Land.

I have problem combination skin type that requires daily careful maintenance. Peels — an integral part of the active care of the skin both in winter and in spring and early autumn. Resting from acids in high concentrations my skin, perhaps, only in the summer — in the period of active sun.

AGE CONTROL Super Lift peeling I use this year from the beginning of November.

Long and dreary to describe the peeling and its properties, composition, method of application will not – I will attach photo of the back side of the box, which was Packed peel. Here you can find all the necessary information.

The concentration of acids in the peeling, the manufacturer does not specify.

The peeling is heavy frosted glass bottle equipped with a dispenser. The push mechanism of the dispenser is pretty tough, so you have to put in the effort required to squeeze a drop. The dispenser doesn’t spit, and can easily adjust the amount of squeezing means.

Peeling has a yellowish color. The consistency of stringy, oily.

Aroma typical of the acid, limonene, fragrance free.

Before I show the results that I achieved in just4 applications, I will talk about the Protocol use AGE CONTROL Super-Lift, various variations, the impact of these variations, as well as on the media, without which it can not do during the peeling procedure and after it.

The minutes of usage, which I adhere:

  • Make-up remover.
  • Cleansing of the face with Dermaquest acid soap (hero, worthy of a separate post)
  • Applying a pre-peeling lotion, Holy Land Prepping lotion.
  • Applying peel 1 thin layer (felt strong enough itchy skin, especially in areas with inflammation which lasts for several minutes). After drying — apply a second layer (also felt itchy, but less intense, the skin reddens, becomes visible lifting effect). The total exposure time — 15 minutes. Wash off with a sponge and water at room temperature.
  • Purifying and soothing mask. The exposure time is 20 minutes. Then wash off with a sponge and cool water.
  • Wipe the face lotion, Holy Land Azulene.
  • Apply regenerating night cream with a low content of acids. I have this Renew Night repair cream.
  • Variations in the application and what result they give:

  • Applying peeling 1 layer under the foil for 10 minutes. Absolutely no difference did not see. On the contrary, the application of 2 layers is much more effective this way.
  • The use of masks Holy Land Lactolan directly after peeling. Then a purifying mask. This option is usually used by beauticians. To me it was not like just because of such a clear cleansing and pores in such a scheme I do not see than when using only a cleansing mask after peeling. However, in this case the skin becomes normal color. Lactolan Mask actively removes irritation, redness, calms and “finishes” the pigmentation.
  • 3 layer peeling did not try to put, although I know that this method is suitable for oily, tight skin, age. For that I chose the method of application in 2 layers.
  • Important point! Owners of fine, combination or dry skin, cosmetologists advise removal of facial hair during the course of peeling (except percetnage or thread form of hair removal). Otherwise, you can get persistent hyperpigmentation in areas of hair removal.

    Look how my skin was BEFORE the course has started peeling?

    Enlarged pores, blackheads, uneven terrain, small scattering of pimples — all in front of me.

    Here’s my skin has become after 4 treatments (1 every 10 days). The photo was taken the day after the 4th procedure. Still slight redness of the skin. The skin peels off with proper post-peel care is minimal. The neck is also possible a more powerful and noticeable flaking. About post-peel care will share in the end of the post.

    Peeling perfectly removes the skin from minor rashes and scars literally from the first time. It can be used as a SOS option for emergency cleansing of the skin from various troubles. The terrain is perfectly smooth, like polished leather. Lifting effect lasts after the procedure within two days. Of course I have no wrinkles, but I think the effect is “stretched” skin pics.

    Most importantly, what was bothering me and what has been achieved in such a short time, is the narrowing of the pores and lightening blackheads. The tone became more even.

    Of course, the pigmentation in the chin and around the mouth though and brightened, but for such a short time left. In fact I have serious doubts about whether the peel will help to fully get rid of pigmentation. I tend to think that more efficient in this regard would be serum with a high content of retinol and peels with higher concentrations of acids.

    Post-peel care.

    Within 3 days after the peel, I wash only with a soft gel. This year is GIGI Vitamin E. to Replace it on GIGI Recovery.

    On the fourth day after the peel, make a mask, Holy Land Lactolan. Don’t roll it. Paint under the wrap and hot damp towel for 20 minutes. From the fourth day begin to enter the evening cleaning brush ReFa Clear (she’ll also dedicate a separate post). It is perfectly and gently removes all generated peeling.

    Day use a cream from the Israeli manufacturer, which devoted a separate post. It perfectly protects the skin from cold, wind. Restores, heals. SPF50 is what you need!

    In the evening alternate cream Renew Night Repair recovery serum with Vitamin E from GIGI. GIGI Lotus beauty toner.

    I really hope that my post was useful and I’d love to take note of peels that have impressed You! Share!

    3500₽цена9/10оценка2 year, 1P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

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