Perfect Corp. offers cosmetic brands new free services


Perfect Corp. offers three free digital service to help cosmetic brands to adapt quickly to the pandemic COVID-19 and to minimize losses caused by the economic and social consequences of the crisis for the global industry.

The current worldwide situation related to the virus COVID-19, poses new challenges to the beauty industry, as brands and retailers in the foreseeable future will rely exclusively on online sales. However, there is a more “traditional” services that may limit the digital presence of the brand, for example, testing customer any cosmetics or makeup lessons.

So, Perfect Corp. offers is already built into the app YouCam Makeup lists of products of specific brands. The app already offers a list of 100 items, which will operate until July 31, 2020 but may be extended. This interactive environment provides brands a platform where they can actually interact with consumers. Hyperrealistic virtual effects augmented reality technologies and artificial intelligence allow the users for a few seconds to find your favorite brand with mobile devices. Trademarks can also attract customers by promoting an interaction and using the services of the virtual fitting room.

And it is through web extensions YouCam for Web site with cosmetics will be able to “try on” selected items virtual. The Company Perfect Corp. offers brands a free subscription YouCam for their websites until July 31, 2020. This web self-service module helps brands to seamlessly integrate a virtual fitting on the site and to provide its customers with enhanced shopping experience.

But by YouCam A. R. T. beauty salons can continue remotely conduct internal training and to maintain contact between their teams, despite the current limited conditions. This application will also be provided free licenses of the product YouCam AR Live Training.

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