Perfume Fashion House Irina Vaganova. Eau de Parfum “Butterfly lady”

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*naobzor*Fragrances of the fashion house Irina Vaganova unusual and attractive. After listening to at least one of them, it is impossible to remain indifferent. From the variety of perfume creations of the House, you can choose the fragrance for even the most discerning nose.
During testing I have set myself the undoubted favorites, among which, however surprising it may sound, turned out to be most of giving me flavors. Choose any one of them was extremely difficult and now I enjoy wearing a dozen songs, changing them every day, depending on my mood.
Today I will talk about the aroma, same with maumee mood this spring.

Butterfly Tracy

Claimed notes:
rose, black tea, ground moisture, musk.

The first notes reveals aromas of damp earth. Snow left, creeks washed tired of the cold winter earth, and showed it first to the sun rays. Still so cold and wet, but ready to take new day.
This smell I want to inhale again and again. He is home, honey, but for the residents of big cities certainly seem unusual.
To it quickly mixed with the tangy fragrance of sweet black tea. The cold earth slowly warmed under the sun, the heat which is getting more and more obvious and warming. And the aroma of Butterfly Tracy gets the warmth and light astringency.
And now roses are a choir, adding a volume this slim-sounding ensemble. The land is fully warmed up and it rose luxury rose bushes, crowned with lush buds of the most feminine colors.

Rose does not fill all the space, dragging all the attention on himself. No. It is firmly intertwined with the rest of the music a shimmering, bright flavor.
Very thin, delicate and mysterious aroma. It is simply impossible to remain unnoticed. He envelops its possessor incredible aura of mystery.
Resistance is not less than five hours. The scent slowly fades, forcing me convulsively to catch the remnants in the air.
I admire this work of Irina Vaganova at least the rest. The absolute hit in my perfume preferences. Winter Butterfly Tracy raskryvanie me otherwise, but now I was able to evaluate them.

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