Personal experience: I did a tattoo of freckles to be like Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

More recently, the freckles were considered a disadvantage, but their owner, carefully masked “the kisses of the sun” a concealer and go for expensive laser treatments to get rid of them. Everything changed when back into fashion natural beauty with minimum makeup. Freckles became a sign of aristocracy and individuality with a light feeding of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Now some paint brown dots pencils for eyebrows, and the other, the most desperate follower of the trend, make tattoo freckles. One of them will be discussed in our material.

Last year when Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle, Allie meadows looked at the pictures of smiling couples and thought: “this girl has such beautiful freckles.”

I’ve always liked freckles, and Megan were so cute! says meadows, 28-year-old hair stylist from Los Angeles.

Allie Meadows

Seeing freckles is now the wife of Prince Harry that were not masked by the layers of Foundation, she decided that her and I most certainly need. She printed photos of Megan from the wedding and went over to the tattoo parlor for a 45-minute procedure.

First, face clear of make-up, pencil draw freckles in the places where the client wants — in part near the nose or around the face randomly (some asked to draw freckles even on the neck). At desire it is possible to apply anesthesia in the form of a cream. Typically the spots to get bigger in diameter, because after healing, they are noticeably lighter. The water-based pigment is introduced by the machine with the needle surface (0.3 mm). The palette of pigments wide — from light beige to brown. Not to say that the popularity of the procedure ahead tattooing of lips and eyebrows, but who knows what will happen in a couple of years, explained the master violet Karapetyan.

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Meghan Markle

Now meadows 20 artificial freckles on the cheeks, nose and forehead. They can last from several months to several years, it depends on many factors (affect and daily skin care, and the use of scrubs, peels, and how often you tan).

I have a couple of freckles even on his forehead, because Megan also has one. I’m probably obsessed, but what happened, I really like it! — said the girl.

It should be noted, that Allie is not the only one who decided to do the same freckles as Megan. Follow the hashtag #freckletattoo in Instagram and you will find thousands of women.

Every day I call dozens of young women who are interested in this procedure. At the moment there is a definite trend to look more natural, young and fresh. Tattoo freckles — this is a great way to camouflage scars from acne or hyperpigmentation, says 30-year-old Bethany’s Hair from tattoo Studio Cosmetic Tattoo in Brooklyn.


Before heading to the procedure, meadows for weeks drew freckles with eyeliner, to make sure that this is what she really wants.

Freckles made me more confident, I had so many compliments! At first they were quite dark, then red, like a tattoo the first time, and as soon as they are healed and become a bit lighter. Now they are noticeable and with makeup and without, — the girl speaks.

Allie meadows immediately after the procedure

Meadows warns that the procedure was more painful than a regular tattoo.

I could feel every little nudge, and it’s a lot slower, but the end result is worth it. When I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, I was amazed at how cool it turned out! Immediately sent the picture to his master with words of gratitude.

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At first friends called me crazy for what I decided to do it, but when they saw the end result, we all agreed that it looks so natural and beautiful. I would recommend anyone who likes freckles, to do this procedure. I’m thinking about to add some more “kissing the sun”.

Do you like the new trend?

Yes, looks very original, but I would not resiliated cool, gladly would have done the same!No, too neestestvenno, do not like freckles, don’t understand this trend

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