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Today I will tell you about the lipsticks Bourjois. I noticed that very often they compare with luxury cosmetics, perhaps this is due to the fact that they had production in the factory of Chanel.

Today I will show you the following products:

  • Bourjois Rouge Velvet in shade 03 Hyppink chic
  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in shade 30 Oranginal
  • Bourjois LÈVRES CONTOUR EDITION in shade 03 Alerte rose

So, let’s begin.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet in shade 03 Hyppink chic

The volume of 2.4

Cost — 645 rubles without discounts.

Country of origin — United Kingdom.

The lipstick tube is made of durable plastic and is fully consistent with the shade of lipstick.

Cap tightly closed until you hear a click, that sometimes it is hard to remove.

The stick of lipstick is shaped like a drop. Very easy form, where you can easily define the contour of the lips.

In the range of 17 shades. So many beautiful nadovich that deserve attention, but today we will talk about the shade 03 Hyppink chic.

Beautiful shade of dusty rose. Lipstick lightly and gently on the lips. Gives even coverage with 1 layer. Has a matte-satin finish.

The only thing I want to see — have lipstick nasty chemical smell.

I can not show my favorite way of drawing — Pat.

Lipstick from this line persistent, almost no imprint. You can live with tea/coffee and low-fat food.

The lipstick is insanely comfortable to wear. After removing no feelings of dryness.

Small seluchenko smooths out, and if you have to face horror, this lipstick all the stress.

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Rating: 4,5.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in shade 30 Oranginal

Volume — 7, 7 ml

The cost is 599 rubles

Country of origin — France

Packaging made of durable plastic. In your hands are reliable and not cheap. The tube reflects the shade of lipstick.

The applicator is soft, fluffy, makes it easier to draw the contour of the lips.

In tube a very good limiter on the top and typed as much fondant as I needed for application to the lips.

I have a shade of a lipstick 30. Maybe for someone it will seem very daring, but looks so beautiful on the lips. Especially in spring and summer this shade will be relevant.

Oranginal — bright orange hue, which goes a reddish color.

This shade applied evenly, not quite, but it is noticeable only upon very close inspection. In regular distance are seen.

Surprisingly this lipstick is absolutely not dry lips, and this tint is visually smoothes out all the bumps on the lips.

The texture of the mousse.

The only downside I noted — lipstick imprinted, but does not lose brightness.

Rating: 4,5

Bourjois LÈVRES CONTOUR EDITION in shade 03 Alerte rose

A pencil that won my heart.

The pencil’s creamy texture, incredibly gently falls on the lips. Reminiscent of a creamy lipstick.

I pencil in shade 03 Alerte Rose — a rich bright hue.

Just look at how perfectly the pencil is lying on the lips. Not stressed any peel and wrinkle.

But it is not persistent, so solo it is better not to wear.

Also minus — strongly imprinted.

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Rating: 4.

What’s your favourite product from Bourjois lip?

Thank you all❤

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