Pharmacy anti-aging treatment around the eyes – Uriage Isodense Eye Contour Care


Choosing a good cream for the eye area is a delicate matter. For me it is always a very difficult process because of the problems in this area of the face missing. When once again, there is a need in this cream, I decided to pay attention to drugstore makeup, and chose Uriage Isodense Eye Contour Care anti-aging from the famous line of the brand.

Uriage Isodense – line tools, which aims to combat upcoming signs of aging all skin types. Specifically this cream, according to the manufacturer, eliminates loss of elasticity, removes dark circles under the eyes, swelling, relieves dehydration and eliminates wrinkles.

Heard the opinion that this cream should be used after 50 years, but for me these restrictions are always questionable, because I believe that any cream care it is necessary to choose solely on the basis of the condition of the skin and its needs. Therefore, I would bind it to a specific age.

The cream is Packed in a sealed plastic bottle with dispenser. Feed mechanism — lift. From the point of view of hygiene of the use and preservation of ingredients is the best option of the dispenser.

The dispenser works perfectly and gives so much cream as you need. By the way, this “closed” nose, I have not found anywhere else.

The texture of the cream is very suitable for funds for the eye area is very delicate, light, almost cream mousse.

Feel the cream is not watery and totally not greasy. Distributed easily and absorbs almost instantly. Paint it traditionally with fingertips, as if slightly hammering on the orbital bone, to activate all 8 of the main points.

The cream contains bioactive complex, which the manufacturer called ISO-3R that combines effective components of peptides, hyaluronic acid and a unique, innovative component o antihyaluronidase that start in the skin anti-aging the three basic physiological mechanisms:

— enhance the antioxidant properties of the cells;

— support the supply of hyaluronic acid;

— stimulate the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

The composition of the packaging:

I want to remind you that all products of the brand contain Uriage thermal water Uriage, rich in mineral salts and trace elements are considered to be hypoallergenic, contain no parabens or fragrances, and are not comedogenic.

I started to use this cream in the beginning of the summer, and I must say that at first I really liked it. Mode was normal — morning, evening. Hydration and nutrition had enough. I especially liked how the cream quite well with the mesh of wrinkles, which are formed particularly active in summer, because this time we more often than usual, blink, fleeing from the sunlight.

After applying the cream the eye area is noticeably lighter, but it is rather a work of titanium dioxide, and he, by the way, is a natural SPF protection, although the level of protection, unfortunately, is not specified by the manufacturer. He probably minimal.

I have no more dark circles, so the cream to cope with them can not say, but there is a puffiness, and here, it should be noted that none of the cream to cope with it not under force, but of easy drainage, of course, present. But I can say that the extra swelling in the morning, the cream does not cause.

A little later I began to notice that at night I this cream is already small, so adding the additional care in the form of serum Estee Lauder ANR Eye Complex Supercharged was logical. So I have lived to see the cold, as their offensive has added to the care oil.

And follow-up. Despite the fact that the pharmacy care I am very skeptical, I must admit that the cream was very good. Nice texture, easy to use, well with age-related problems (dryness, mesh facial wrinkles, mild swelling, brightening the eye area), especially in the warm season, does not conflict with products of other brands, and overall, the cream left a very good impression, and I may even someday it will repeat.

Price: very affordable for this level of the cream — about 1500 rubles per 15 ml depending on the pharmacy.

Terms of use: cream it took me more than six months of use — it turned out to be quite economical.

Rating: solid b+. I can safely advise you as basic anti-aging care around the eyes.

Country of origin: France.

Thank you for your attention.



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