Photoprotect Youth Capital Ialugen Cream – day cream with sunscreen SPF 20

The French company Laboratoires Genevrier is a world expert in the field of creation of artificial skin for treatment of wounds and burns. Through a unique synthesis technology pharmacists lab has got hyaluronic acid which is ideal for human skin cells. On the basis of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, the laboratory produces biorevitalization called “IDUNE”, and cosmeceutical products for at-home skin care.

PHOTOPROTECT YOUTH CAPITAL IALUGEN CREAM — day cream with sunscreen SPF 20, is positioned as anti-aging 30+. Innovative composition and SPF20 provides double effectiveness: prevention of photodamage, premature skin aging and moisturize the skin .


Cream formula is based on the 4 anti-aging ingredients that act on all signs of skin aging:

  • Moisturizing: hyaluronic acid, helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and preserves the natural hydration of the surface layers of the skin;
  • Lifting: collagen promotes strengthening of the dermis, restores firmness and elasticity of the skin;
  • Stimulation: proteins IGF1, kgf and EGF stimulate cell renewal through the induction and proliferation of fibroblasts, synthesis of collagen;
  • Strengthening Extract of physalis prevents premature skin ageing by increasing protection.

Additional components:

  • Purified extract of physalis (Physalis Angulata) has a powerful antioxidant effect, prevents premature aging, enhances the protective properties of the skin and increases the local immunity;
  • SPF 20 helps protect the skin from photo-ageing and prevent pigmentation.

Suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested. No parabens. Are non-comedogenic.

All this “wealth” is decorated in a heavy, glass bottle, all labels bulk, it is pleasant to hold in hands. A volume of 50 ml. was Not without a spoon of tar, the dispenser shamelessly spits, first squeezing in the center of the palm, then spread over the face and neck. Already accustomed to the spitting, the presence of pumps pleases me more than the initial chagrin of her work, regularly spits the same dose. Of the drawbacks for me shelf life of 3 months from the date of opening.

Original data: 33 years, a mixed type of skin, pores are wide and clogged T-zone likes to sparkle and the skin around the eyes to dry, the skin likes to be heterogeneous. For all this “beauty” watch, because it sounds scarier than it really is.


Instant hydration without oiliness and Shine, just a vibrant and healthy skin. The lifting effect is reflected in the fact that the skin is slightly tightened, facial contours, contour more clear-cut. These are subtle changes that I feel and see only you. The terrain flattens out as it washes, but they become more beautiful (same). Crooked describe, sorry.

On the prevention of premature aging will not say exactly, wrinkles did not appear, and age spots.

One of the advantages of this cream is its universality. Weather jumps from +37 to +26 every three days. In any weather behaves more than adequately, the person remains alive and without much Shine. The area around the eyes, no adverse reactions, the periodic fine mesh dry wrinkles recede. Doesn’t conflict with other body products. The pores do not clog.

One push of the pump:

The aroma is very light, sweet flowers. The texture is dense (especially in comparison with Asian institutions) but it so quickly goes into the skin, no tape, no sticky, not smooth.

Consumption for two months, three pressing every day:

Happy with purchase, can recommend.

Thank you, Jan.

Period of use: 2 months daily.

Price: about 24 Euro.

Rating: 5

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