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New matte lipstick from Physicians Formula — The Healthy Lip. It is juicy, feminine shades now fashionable structure, elegant bottles. They look decent and very photogenic.

Volume 7ml, made in the USA.

The sponge in the shape of a cone. They are sooo convenient to draw the contour of the lips without the use of a pencil. Moderately soft, lush pile that the work does not interfere. Gaining the right amount of lipstick to one lip prokras. That is, to make the lip makeup, you need to dip the sponge in the tube.

Stained with the first stroke, layering is not necessary. Lays down subtly, but more is required — the coating is a uniform, rich.

The texture of the lipsticks is thick, Muscovy, but they have been applied, as I mentioned, subtly and evenly. And tight. Hardens immediately, the finish line for a couple of minutes changing from cream to velvet, never freezing dead matte layer. And I’m not ready lip balm beforehand like I usually do. I like it a lot.

On the lips look lively, not tight, do not crack. Easy to drink and a little snack.The Healthy Lip give a comfortable feeling.

The mucous membrane, usually not stained, I have at least. I’m not trying how many times already talked about this. Paint as much as possible can.

Only caused:

After drying, a minute later:

Overall, TX for all three of the lipsticks are identical, except that the lightest shade is a bit different. With it I will begin then, too.

Physicians Formula The Healthy Lip #Bare With Me

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Nodoby shade with a beige undertone. On a light hand skin looks bright, the makeup — it nydam. Typically, such shades is pretty capricious. And here, in General, too, was not without complaints. Closer to the center of the lip somehow does not lay down very evenly. Repainted 3 times, wore a few times. The result is the same. In General, the image not currently visible, and at the macro catches the eye. Looks the most matte of the Trinity.

Comfortable autumnal color.

Physicians Formula The Healthy Lip #Tu-Lip Treatment

Coral-pink shade, very feminine. For me so it is more spring. The early-spring. I just love at the beginning of April. It’s like wine in the fall)) IN the TX perfect. Finish with cream.

And my favorite of the three — Physicians Formula The Healthy Lip #Red-storative Effects

Never thought this shade would be my favourite, but maybe it’s the autumn, in a warm sweater with large braids in hot Lapsang asonge same shade… Word — one to love and that’s it.

Feminine, languid, a little fatal. Very cozy.

Great lipsticks in the affordable segment. With a comfortable formula and a nice lively finish. Like. And perhaps a couple more shades from the line should katestraat.

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