Pigmentbio – line of remedies for pigmentation during pregnancy


New series of cosmetics Pigmentbio from Bioderma company was created to deal with hyperpigmentation and dull skin caused by aging, sun exposure, pollution, hormonal imbalance, acne scars, pregnancy or genetic predisposition.

Products Pigmentbio affect the skin, reducing Hyper-pigmentation and keeping the skin barrier with the following key benefits:

• anti-inflammatory effect glabridin soothes inflammation of the skin, preventing hyperpigmentation caused by pregnancy;
• depigmenting action Andrographolide and azelaic acid limits melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase;
• the increase in the rate of cell renewal, called key component Epidermactiv, which brightens the complexion, causing the removing pigmented dead skin cells.

The active ingredient Epidermactiv is produced from special substances secreted by a planktonic micro-organism from the river in the Brittany region.

Often the typical way to reduce hyperpigmentation is a dermatological depigmenting treatment that involves the use of laser, hydroquinone, or liquid nitrogen. However, these treatments can affect people in different climatic conditions; for example, sun exposure is highly discouraged after certain abrasive treatments. In addition, some of the above mentioned treatments can be aggressive to the skin.

Products of cosmetic series Pigmentbio can be used as a Supplement dermatological treatment or additional drugs for further processing, combining, for example, a concentrate of vitamin C.

Bioderma has developed a full range of care, based on products Pigmentbio. First, consumers are advised to clean and prepare the skin with a micellar water H2O and exfoliating foaming cream. Then you need to lighten the skin and protect them from the sun with Daily Care SPF 50+ after it to reduce dark spots With concentrate, and finally, to lighten the complexion through the Night Renewer.

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