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Good day!!)

My introduction to Just started with these pigments, and what came of it consider under the cut????

Everything in order????

Packaging: Bottles have an unusual shape on the inside (resembling a diamond) and normal outside???? Transparent packaging allows you to see the shade.From the inscriptions only the company name, the number of shade at the bottom in the form of nakleechki.Cover matte, is twisted tightly.

Under the cover is kind of silicone cap, which understand it, is to prevent precipitation of the product. Should, but ,,, nabasan???? Respectively, which is used to collect the pigment need prilovchitsya. Or pour somewhere and to gather the brush, or gently with fingers pressing to his sifter “tap out” on them. That, in my opinion, quite uncomfortable. The product is typed in, it is difficult, and that should protect only contributes to shedding.

Shade and texture: I have Only two shades. Names they have, are denoted by numbering. 26-would describe as a lilac-blue, silky duochrome

27 – pink-gold duochrome with larger shining particles.

Particles are not felt on the skin Shine beautifully.

Get to the fun????


Pigments on cream policemen cream cream 26Пигменты substrate on the substrate 27При artificial lighting without daylight Podlaskie backless


Pigment 27 on the “naked” ikepigott 26 on the “naked” ikepigott 26 27 policement light on a dark substrate

Verdict: definitely good Pigments! ???? Inflicting on the base (on my oily eyelids) in a couple of hours start to gather in the crease.Cream substrate is holding up well (7-8 hours safely), are not going, do not put too much. Glow beautiful, do not fade. The palette of colors is varied, there is something to pay attention to. This can be confirmed at least the fact that originally was for 27 shade, but could not resist and picked up another 26???? something else???? If interested write, will tell-will tell… Back to the pigments.With all of this still would not take and advise would be unlikely to become. There are analogues is more convenient in use, low cost, more rich palette.

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Do you like pigments and what I would advise “get to know”?)

Rating: 3/5

Price: 430 RUB. PCs.

Period of testing: 6 months.

I hope that was helpful????


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