Pigments Tammy Tanuka Sigil inspired – part two, floral

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The story of the shadows of the fantasy world. Light version for those who are afraid of color, but loves flowers. Below is elegant simplicity and (almost) anything.

Traditional background

My journalistic “I” (and my inner storyteller) agree that any story should start with intonation. So, as recently as a week ago, I already told about his clinical fascination with pigments Tammy Tanuka. In a previous post it was about the bright metal and shimmery shades, naturally causing reactions “and-where-s-it-going” or “well-it-only-at-Christmas-corporate”. I rarely share shadows on “holiday” and “everyday”, but I know of the existence of the dress code and other difficulties of life. So this time tells you about more relevant, adequate for casual makeup colors.

IRS… Again, I can’t resist — package of the week Honorable Prisoners Dragon’s Peak 🙂

This bag I somehow was particularly captivated by their graceful brevity (and purple is one of my favorite colors). Now, when all the formalities are met, you can go directly to the shades.

Tammy Tanuka Sigil inspired Talking with the maple

Delicate satin colors creme brulee. The one longed for many “nodoby under the arrow”. It may seem simple, but this is its charm. In the shade of a barely noticeable rosevine, the light appears fine Golden shimmer. When I say “small” you mean “microscopic”. It is in any case not a cheap gold sequins (Hello ruby rose of my childhood). The color is very delicate and soft, but for me, I suddenly boring. That’s not reaching out the hand, keep forgetting about its existence. Maybe the mood is not right, maybe the shade just wasn’t for me (too pale nevestoy).

Swatch. Morning light at the window (around 6:30 in the morning). In the first photo is clearly visible pinkish glow. Pigment printed on the same (yay) Jumbo pencil from NYX in the shade Milk. By the way, it acts as a substrate for all Swatch in this post.

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Shade Whisperer mapleTalking with maple, macro

Specifications. There is almost no questions asked. Well-typed, not plesivec. Can be applied with a brush (I tried and flat, and fluffy, and a keg in the corner of the eye), can enhance the wet (just don’t overdo it with the lock — there will be lumps). There is only one “but” — personally I always like there’s not enough density of color and some lubricity. Well I do not like endless lining, layering and other shamanic dance. But it is rather an improvement.

Makeup. I’m not adept Nyda in its classical sense, not the love arrow. So I decided to show sudovy makeup arrow (l — logic). It’s simple to ugliness: a brown matte shadow in the crease, soft arrow black shadows, white kajal on the eye. Well, in the role of soloist on a movable century — delicate Talking with maple.

To life honey did not seem — vampire in the evenings with an emphasis on the lower eyelid (Feathered Jumbo pencil from Nyx in the shade of Rust + a little red eye shadow from the palette Lime Crime Venus 2).

Tammy Tanuka Sigil inspired Battlemage

The purplish-violet with blue sparks-flashes. The leader of the segment “must-have every day”, according to the website, and rave reviews in the group. Color objectively pleasant and unobtrusive, at the same time, that is, with a twist. But me he, despite everything, not subdued.

Swatch. On switche (pigment deposited on a cream base) shade looks pretty calm. In the life of the sparks more visible, but I struggled tried to catch them on macrophoto.

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Battlemage Battlemage, macro

Specifications. Battlemage is very easy to use — can be applied with closed eyes with the heel of the left foot and not fear for the result. The brush is also nice (and natural bristle, and synthetics). Sparkling shimmer, oddly enough, does not spread. But the database has not been canceled — for the color saturation and “adhesion” of the pigment with the skin ages it need.

Makeup. Shade to be wearable, to tame and to postpone until better times its not necessary. A win — win combination with a soft hand and some colored pencil on the eye (I have a predictable and suffering from Jumbo Nyx).

For a more intense (relatively formal) option, it is sufficient to replace the arrow by darkening the outer corner and kajal to take darker and fatter.

Tammy Tanuka Sigil inspired Born in crocuses

Delicate pink satin with a barely-perceptible greenish tint. In the jar it looks gray and inexpressive, reveals extraordinarily century. Is this some kind of pollen, tears Thumbelina and the plumage of the winged unicorns in a bottle. In this case the pigment is no godless Rozovsky, which all are usually afraid. There is a perception that the shades of pink range very few people go, make the eyes tearful look, throw a spell on the whole family, cause premature aging, and natural disasters. I this view is not shared, that tearful eye — is when the ink flowed to the chin. But if You feel unsure or You just feel uncomfortable with such colors on the eyes (and this also happens), it is better to look for other catalog items.

Swatch. Show the overflow in the photo — not an easy task (especially when not particularly premarket). I tried struggling, inflicted more tightly. In the picture below shows clearly the breaking of the color (this is refraction when moving the hand, not pigment, raspredeleniya unevenly). I stress on the eyes, looks much more interesting.

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Born in crocusesBorn in crocuses, macro

Specifications. Due to the fact that the shade chameleonic, it must be applied carefully, evenly distributed over age. The danger here is the risk to not overflow soft, and some pieces of green and pink. However, if you do the makeup on the run and in good light, there will be no problems. Suggest to use a brush-spatula with flat cut. The wet method works too, but the pigmentation does not have much impact.

Makeup. To be honest — for a long time suffered in trying to capture this shade in the photo. The camera stubbornly refuses to show him the way he is in life — delicate and subtle. I like to combine Born in Crocus with green accent on the lower eyelid, thus unable to “pull” and to emphasize her inner Zlatoust. Evening, since I have a lack of imagination in the body (in contrast to the technologist in the team Tammy). And for me this shade categorical daytime and summer.

Rating: it’s hard to judge these shades adequately and impartially. I admit that they are simply “not mine”, did not meet high expectations. On the t/x there are no questions, and make-up all the heroes of the post looks good. I would put four with two pluses).

The cost is still the same: 250 rubles per sample, 400 for a full jar.

Thank you for your attention! 🙂

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