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All Sunny November day! I want to introduce to everyone with a full-size hairbrush Cactus Bleo The Ultimate Detangling Hairbrush Tourmaline????

The female cactus Geraldine 🙂

A few years ago I got a package with two first combs Tangle Teezer and return to the normal massage comb already failed. There has sunk and comb boar bristle. Why is it scary electrified hair.

All the bags were hidden compact version of caps, and settled in bath comb-line for wet hair. Hollow inside, it is comfortable and dries quickly.

The hand never reached the full size version with a handle, and now even more so. There were combs Cactus with three levels of flexible bristles, an ergonomic handle and a variety of colors.

What the manufacturer says and is it all really?

  • Tourmaline coating helps to avoid cross-hair
  • The antiseptic coating of the teeth
  • Paula gray plastic hair
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Does not tear the hair
  • UV filter burnout color combs

It is clear that the human naked eye will not see tourmaline and antiseptic coating — just to believe or not to believe. No smell no plastic. Each comb in a safe box which will not allow you to mash the teeth during transportation.

My hair is slightlyelectrifies. Maybe someone electrify will not. It’s probably just the shampoo-balm-mask-oils tips.

Hair is really not tears and unravels knots. Comfortable shape and handle. Well, the fact of burning out or fading the color of the combs will show a significant amount of time and, frankly, it is so minor a point that…

The longest tooth length 2.2 cm, medium — 2cm, 1.7 cm, short

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For comparison, two levels of teeth combs Tangle Teezer for wet hair — the length of the longest 1.5 cm, short — 0,7. Respectively and comb hair it’s harder and longer.

Total: hairbrush Cactus Bleo easy and painless combing her long hair (like baby fine), unravels the knots, does not tear even wet hair.

As I wrote above, my hair is still a bit electrified, despite the masks and these favorite oil (they are sooooo helpful brushing and gloss), but if you have any favorites against the electrification, I will be very grateful to read your tips in the comments ????

In the season of hats is very important. Thanks in advance!

Swierczyna hair:

Does the comb into the hair appearance? With constant use of course. Remember how Soviet massage comb, so tremble(( can Not boast of a thick, smooth and shiny tresses, which density is given by nature, and this should be taken) then There’s the matter of personal preference — not right, not ironed, to respect and to protect what you have.

Rating: 5- (despite the manufacturer’s promises, the hair electrifies)

Price: 1490 RUB.

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