Pink Gems Up gel lacquer. Another very beautiful collection of nail from the Russian manufacturer Pink Up


Today I suggest you consider a collection of nail Pink Gems Up, consisting of 10 shining varnish. The highlight of this collection was the use in lacquers of various chemerow are forced to play and Shine on every special.

This time the brand has offered a very elegant flat bottles, they seemed to me the mood in the style of “retro”, as if alluding to the fact that the collection able to conquer a lady of any age.

So, all in order.

01 — light purple with duochrome greenish-Golden shimmer.

Liquid flexible varnish with a gentle summarnoi texture. It is well and easily fit in thin layers that dry quickly. To the lacquer off the nail plate and achieve a tight, I had to put it into three thin layers. Help a very comfortable, flexible, long, flat brush.

Love this manicure, which is not binding, and nail looks are always very cute.

02 — variation on the theme of dusty rose. Very complex tone. See it in beige, grey, purple and pink notes.

This varnish is notable for the extraordinary satin shimmer. He played with it the texture of a cruel joke, which consists in the fact that the varnish dries long is unforgivable.

I did it, putting him in a two tight layer on the naked nails under the dryer.

The next couple of varnishes in pink-beige shades. Usually we are called Nude.

03 — purplish-pink with delicate Golden flakes.

The texture of the varnish krele. Fluid, flexible, not spreading. If you have two layers on your nails looks very airy. The photo lacquer is just in two layers, under drying.

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04 — a pleasant shade of rosewood c major Golden shimmer. Wonderful calm tone.

This Polish is a cream with good self regulation. Without problems put him in two layers, and the manicure dried very quickly and I was happy to save on drying.

By the way, this collection is characterized by a unique characteristic. Finish varnish designed as semi-matte, and there is some peculiar charm to the collection consisting exclusively of shimmery varnishes. Often dimmed the lights just for the benefit of the manicure. Well, if this finish is not like, it’s easy to fix by adding gloss and perelistyvaem with top.

Following a pair of elegant and very feminine shades. About such speak: “at all times”.

05 — bright berry-red, drowning in this gorgeous Golden mica shimmer that makes the Polish to burn from the inside.

Texture — Krale, a little watery, and the Polish even pocket a couple of times over the cuticle, so I had a manicure to adjust. But wait when it thickens, and then, I think, coping will be easier.

This time I put it into three thin layers and covered with drying.

06 — complex tone, not berry, not wine, is very attractive. Soft Golden mica shimmer, as in the previous case, makes you glow and sparkle nail Polish from the inside. Gorgeous batch!

This Polish is a beautiful texture! Dream that he was so malleable and elastic to the last drop. Put him in two layers under drying.

For my taste this is the most beautiful shade in the collection. When he’s on the nails, the manicure all the time want to consider.

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Another couple of varnishes.

07 — cherry-purple lacquer thoroughly stuffed with different colored shimmer.

The texture is jelly, and for such varnishes are very flexible. Shimmer is distributed evenly and not plesivec. On my nails the shade worked out in Bordeaux. Applied it in two coats without top, the finish was semi-matte. This is clearly seen in first two photos, and the other two he was already under the top.

08 — green with Golden shimmer.

Like the previous one, on my nails it is not as beautiful as in the bottle. To me he is straight green, although you can see that in the varnish are clearly visible tilove notes.

I put him in two layers, the finish left a semi-matte, so to me this varnish is more like it.

And the last couple of varnishes. This is a blue-purple range, and I have to say is my favorite. These two nail Polish really stands out in the collection. If other shades I more referred to the autumn-winter range, then there is the real spring-the spring.

09 — pale purple with krasivim duochrome iridescent silvery-purple shimmer.

Characteristics of the varnish is excellent. It is quite dense, so easy to lay in two layers, well, to make it dry faster, I covered it drying.

10 — cornflower blue with pink shimmer. To say that it is just blue, not dare. Very bright, positive, wonderful-wonderful paint! This is a real star of the collection))

Texture — krele, very good for such a hue. Problems with drawing no. The Polish goes very smoothly, will not spread or bleeding. I put him in two layers and covered with drying, and as a result received its portion of beauty.

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By the way, to wear this Polish strikes me as very fragile, because on my nails started to flake on the second day, we had to remove, and I was sorry to do it, but pleased that the nails and the skin around it is not painted, and overall, all the polishes in this collection are not famous for their dyeing, in spite of the bright pigments and himernye texture.

Still, we note that the lacquers of this collection seemed less persistent than usually I’m used to seeing the Pink Up. The strongest on my nails was much himernye shades, all the rest very quickly (after two or three days) started to jam, and covered with dryer and tank tops to break away. But you know, it did not affect my attitude to the collection. I still love it, and now in anticipation of the novelties of the brand. Very interesting to me, what’s up Pink Up, what else can surprise experienced ecomaniac.

Manufacturer country of varnishes: Russia

Volume of vial: 12 ml.

Price: something around 200 rubles.

My assessment of each nail separately, and the entire collection as a whole: excellent!

Thank you for your attention.



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