Pink Nude NARS Velvel Lip Glide #2733 Roseland

Lipstick+lip gloss in one bottle. Did the idea?

In 2016, NARS has developed a so-called “glide” β€” a lip product that combines the benefits of a lipstick (the pigmentation, texture) and lip gloss (easy application and coating). The novelty interested, but I bought it only recently. Spurred me posts., what to hideπŸ™„ …

In the corner I became confused and was choosing between a bright lilac shade and daily newdom. In the end, I decided to take the second option. So, with me left in the bag #2733 Roseland

β˜‘ Packaging quality. Of hard plastic. Limiter copes well with its function. No leaks and does not falter.

β˜‘ SpongeIR… a Kind of broad brushed spatula. Not the most convenient format. Bright shades feared it would cause, so the contour is stained bad.

The sponge-shovel

β˜‘ Color is very beautiful, though not unique. My Association with cocoa with the addition of a pink hue. Warm color without shimmer.

β˜‘ The smell is pleasant, cosmetic.

β˜‘ Texture is really interesting and like no other. Glyde gives dense coating with sufficient light gel texture. It is applied easily, blended without problems. The finish gives a satin, gloss gradually goes away and the coating becomes less radiant. I had shoots for a loop, wear it with a pencil. The coating is not sticky, very comfortable.

β˜‘ Resistance β€” up to a full meal. A Cup of tea will survive, though, and will leave marks on the dishes. With this shade to update the cover β€” no problem.

β˜‘ Care. This is perhaps the only point on which I have questions. Care not (although promised), moreover, the glide dries lips. If not struck in front of him balm after removing the peeling occur.

Coating in one layer

Swatch done in daylight on a Sunny day (for a long time I was waiting for him😁 )

A single layerIn a General way

And in cold daylight. The window is clear.

cold lightCold daylight. Overcast.

Glide use often, a product I loved! Recommend with reservation β€” needed balmπŸ˜‰

β˜‘ Price of about 2000P. no discounts. Now, in the period of new year discounts that can be purchased for 1000 p.πŸ‘

β˜‘ Volume of 5.7 gr.

β˜‘ Evaluation 4 (without conditioner β€” does in my case)

My name is Vita😊

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