Plastificiruûŝiesâ alginate lifting mask with chlorophyll GS Group Laboratories. Procedure from and to

Alginate mask – regular participants of my skin care. They never had allergies or any other negative reaction, these tools give the most pronounced effect after application. Today I offer you to get acquainted with plastificiruûŝiesâ mask from a Russian manufacturer, LLC “Laboratory of GS group.”

In one package is 30 grams of powder mask, which is designed for single use. There is no need to stretch to several times – the work mask will be incorrect. It’s not my arbitrary interpretation, and the accurate instruction and reminder from a representative of the brand with which there was correspondence about the review ( if necessary can add a screenshot), which asked mandatory to mention this point.

To prepare alginate mask you will need: 100 ml of cool pure water, a suitable container and spatula.

The skin should be clean from makeup and dirt, if you want to apply a serum or light cream.
Combine the mask with water and quickly stir with shpatelem to obtain a homogeneous substance. This mask hardens very quickly so photos of the finished product will be.
To put it very quickly, all over the face including the eye area and lips. For the application more convenient to use a spatula.
Do not worry because eyelashes and eyebrows, in my practice, neither of the mask is not pulled out any hair.

Set the timer for 30 minutes and tried to relax facial muscles. There is no discomfort, within the first five minutes after application it is felt that the mask seemed to harden the skin and begins to plastifitsirovannye. In the end it becomes like a rubber and it is normal to dry out like clay it should not.
After the specified time remove the mask with a jerk( after disconnecting from the skin dried up region) in the direction from the chin. The mask is removed a whole layer, a little dried-up funds remains on the skin.
Enjoy the result.

Before/ After applying the mask:

While I was doing the procedure the sun is almost down and the lighting has changed, but I think it came out quite clearly. In the second photo was not used Blair, the camera barely focused due to changes in topography. A mask that visibly mattifies the skin and smoothes pores, has a pronounced calming effect. I specifically tested it on the skin to the disturbed period when she was drying and capricious. In General, the face was more toned, oval sharper and slightly raised my impending nature of the eyelids, facial wrinkles have virtually disappeared (temporarily). There is a sense of tension of the skin, which lasts about three hours unless you apply after the mask cream, or other care, dryness or any discomfort there. This effect I get after a salon treatment when the mask conjures a beautician. Frankly, that result from domestic manufacturers, I did not expect, this is one of the best masks that I have ever had and I would have purchased a dozen of these packages. My favorite once Askin never gave me this result.
The lifting effect lasts about 15 hours, the skin is gradually returning to its original state. Before an important event and as an Express means this mask is one of the most effective in my opinion. Highly recommend.

Cost: 150 p
Testing period: 1 UPA
Rating: 5

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