Plastificiruûŝiesâ alginate mask for sensitive skin with chamomile and celandine GS Group Laboratories

Like manufacturers now compete in the manufacture of alginate masks and the site began a kind of flash mob, which I will continue the story of alginate mask from GS Group Laboratories designed for problem skin.

In my last post, I have already described in detail on the mask with chlorophyll, which made a lasting impression on me thanks to the expressed effect of lifting and smoothing the skin surface. The heroine of today’s post was not worse, but with some nuances.

Composition, dosage and promises

The mask is a green powder finely seeds of succession. Very very dusty at the time of opening the package, so take care to recommend respiratory protection.

Plastificiruûŝiesâ alginate mask for sensitive skin with chamomile and celandine GS Group Laboratories.

The scheme of breeding mask standard: 100 ml water 30 g powder (1 pack). Water should not be warm or hot — not above 20 degrees Celsius. I poured all the water into the container with the mask immediately and quickly stirred with a plastic spatula. Completely smooth consistency I was not able to achieve — was a small number of small lumps.

I’m already used to the fact that alginate mask quickly starts to solidify and this mask was expecting the same behavior. To harden immediately but she did not. She began very quickly to flow with the protruding parts of the face, I even heard a sound type rustling of the mask through the skin). I had hurriedly to hold her fingers. In General, plastifitsirovannye she started after about three or five minutes after application, by the time the mask was ears, hair, hands, neckline and pillow case of the pillow. Tissue it is very difficult to pull out was. Otherwise, nothing not an ordinary mask froze completely within ten minutes, I felt the tension of the skin, but the discomfort was not. Kept on the skin for thirty minutes. One layer was not removed, the nose has become a place of a gap of the mask into two halves, but not terrible.

Photos of the skin before applying (damage booster), and ten minutes after removing the mask:

Before/ After using the mask for problematic skin

The mask is good to clean the pores on the nose, evened skin tone, reduced redness and a little “retouched” the pores. The skin is a bit stretched, especially felt in the Central part of the face, on the temples and between the eyebrows. Glitter in the second photo — it is a stretched skin. The feeling of tension lasted approximately three hours. It seems to me that the skin was dry despite the fact that before the procedure I apply the booster. But I like how it looks: more healthy, that is. The next day (I did the mask in the evening), the effect remained, except that there was no feeling of tautness. The skin was elastic and makeup looked great.

The mask is cool and the effect of its application is comparable with visiting treatments at the beautician. But my skin is not so thick and does not need strong drying. Here ten or fifteen years ago, in a period of rapid flowering of acne price was not used to it. Now I prefer a makeup a little softer. But as Express – tools this mask is very well shown.

Cost: 150 p

Period of testing: 1 pack

Evaluation: 5- (I see no reason to reduce the rating due to the fact that the mask is for a different skin)

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