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Continue to talk about mineral dekorativke from his vast collection, and today we will focus on powder, which can replace the Foundation.

Packaging – a plastic jar and cardboard boxes. In this leaflet with information on the decorative products, the brand.

The jar is quite large in diameter but flat. The weight of the powder is 10 grams. Provided sifter and protective membrane.

At first, the shade seemed too dark and I even managed to get upset due to the fact that he missed (ordered them). But the powder is actually quite bright, suitable for fair-skinned ladies. My face now had a bit of a tan and she’s a bit of his smooth, there is a difference with the skin tone on the neck.

Shade I would describe as beige – pink. It’s too small, but at the opening of the banks is not formed a cloud of fine particles. A uniform consistency, without the sequins and extraneous inclusions.

Coverage is great in my opinion. The powder evens out the total skin tone hiding minor imperfections plus a few disguises of excessive relief.

If the skin is peeling powder will accentuate them, so I try to use of these products when my skin is lack of moisture, and the peeling took at least a week and a half.

The matte finish of the first 30 – 40 minutes, then the powder fuses with the skin and looks better. To speed up the process with the help of thermal water.
Before/ After application:

Well behaved in the heat, but my nose somehow crawling after a couple of hours after application. Besides, emphasizes there the black points if they are. But if one is to go over it a finishing powder or a “meteor” this is not happening and the makeup lasts as nailed.
Four hours after application:

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For heavy coverage I use a brush with a flat cut, which usually is designed for applying Foundation. For translucent coverage fits not very full powder brush as pictured below.

Powder I’m satisfied she’s fully cope with their responsibilities even skin tone. The only negative is the strange behavior on the nose. Do not combine it with Foundation as it has a good covering power, besides I have the finishing powder to more heroine of the post fit to complete the makeup.

She removes cream make-up remover or cleansing milk. Does not contribute to dry skin and does not cause the appearance of inflammation and clogged pores.

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