Prebiotic fatty acids strengthen the epidermal barrier


French biotechnology company Deinove, together with France Hallstar has developed an innovative active ingredient with prebiotic effect, which simultaneously balances the skin microbiome and supports the integrity of the epidermal barrier.

Biome Oléoactif first active ingredient oil-based, obtained by extraction of rare branched fatty acids from wild extremophilic microorganism in the mixture of liquid wax jojoba oil and oat oil. It contains unique fatty acids specific for bacteria, which are completely absent in the plant world – with the addition of polar lipids, known for its moisturizing properties and is recognized as an effective carrier of active ingredients,” – said representatives of Deinove.

This biotechnological component is made from a rare extremophilic bacteria, collected in a hot spring, which Deinove has managed to cultivate, and the potential of which is increased due to the method of extraction developed by Oléos (the French company that became part of the Hallstar Beauty in 2016).

In addition to its hydrating, restructuring, soothing and softening properties, Biome Oléoactif can be combined with all types of ingredients to create a holistic system that promotes healthy, youthful and beautiful skin.

“This active ingredient, we position ourselves as a key player, providing innovation in products for the skin microbiome, which become more popular in the cosmetic industry. Most strains of Deinove naturally present in the human microbiome, which opens up opportunities for the development of postitions ingredients”, says Coralie Martin, marketing Manager of Deinove.

“Biome Oléoactif – our first product that uses the microcosm. It offers an innovative connection, which is not in the rest of nature, including vegetation. This is an exciting area in which we are pleased to enter,” adds Anne Rossignol-Castera, General and scientific Director at the Hallstar active natural resources.

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