Procter & Gamble will launch a cosmetic brand of sustainable development – DS3

Representatives of Procter & Gamble announced that they intend to launch an exclusive brand of cosmetics and personal care products DS3. Its features that the products do not contain water and any types of plastic.

According to the report, published by the Cincinnati Business Courier Procter & Gamble is making significant progress in the field of sustainable development with the launch of the new brand, whose uniqueness is that the product is “basiccontrol”.

New line of American giant consumer products to cover household chemicals, cosmetics and personal hygiene products. The main kind of products DS3 – cleaning plate is designed to care for face, body and hair. According to the manufacturer, such products are considered environmentally friendly and convenient to use, thanks to a patented manufacturing process that eliminates the water from the final product. The packaging is suitable for recycling and biological decomposition, and the production does not use harsh chemicals.

The brand already 10 years in development and boasts more than 30 patents that are expected to be officially launched by year-end debut on Indiegogo – one of the most popular web sites, public funding in America.

According to a press release from Procter & Gamble, the DS3 is a line of household care and cosmetics of new generation, consisting of 8 unique cleaning tools that make life easier and significantly reduce the impact on the environment. Products DS3 is made with a revolutionary technology that eliminates water from the final product, removing 80% weight 70% volume and 75% waste. One basiccally sample works as well as strong cleaning products, water-based.

To activate the purifying potential of the DS3, it’s enough to keep the tool under running water. Plates are easily dissolved at wide range of temperatures and water hardness. The main sign that the remedy is dissolved soapy water, which begins to foam on the hand of the user.

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