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Skin care may be the predominant focus of research when it comes to predicting sales in the beauty industry, but products for eyes zeroed in to fight for their money.

According to the report Fact.MR “Forecast the market for eyelash extensions, trend analysis and monitoring of competition – Global Market Insights from 2018 to 2027”, the next few years will be especially interesting for agents that increase eyelashes. We have selected for you the main provisions of this report.

1. The market for eyelash extensions was estimated at approximately $ 280 million in 2018, and, according to forecasts, annual growth will exceed 5% in 2019.

2. It is projected that the average annual rate of development of this segment of the cosmetic industry will exceed 5% by 2027.

3. The impact includes industrial innovative development of cosmetic formulations, and high prevalence of inflammation of the eye (madaras and blepharitis), which lead to the thinning and loss of eyelashes.

4. Manufacturers have focused on increasing the duration of the growth cycle of the eyelashes and increase thickness of hair in each cycle.

5. Meanwhile, brands are making efforts to offer effective strengthening products with additional benefits such as protection against environmental and climatic factors.

6. Key market players are investing in marketing activities to better position their products and increase their distribution channels, including franchise stores and online stores.

7. The growth of interest of consumers to health more and more buyers are looking for serums and sprays for lengthening lashes brittle.

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8. North America continues to lead the market for eyelash extensions, with a total income in 2018, about $ 100 million. This is because consumers are more willing to spend on personal care products, as well as investments in new developments.

9. The Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan (APEJ), is the fastest growing market for eyelash extensions, whose record annual increase of about 7% in 2019. The growing opportunities in the region can be attributed to the increased consumer interest in cosmetic products and a higher prevalence of inflammation of the eye.

10. Sale means to build and repair damaged lashes will continue to grow, with expected revenues in 2018 of about $ 190 million.

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