Professional care for oily skin from Aravia


In the yard in the hot summer, and it was during this period my skin is oily, rash, and even gel CLINIQUE moisture surge 72-hour aggravated the situation. This prompted me to purchase professional products from Aravia.

Mask for face Mask Sebo-regulating Essential ARAVIA.

The mask is in a large round plastic jar with a plastic lid. There is also a foil protective membrane.

Information from the manufacturer:


This mask in its composition contains zinc oxide, which is an anti-inflammatory substance.

I really liked the scent of this mask, fresh, minty and invigorating — this is exactly what I need in the hot summer. Unobtrusive, and after washing off the mask the skin is left. Due within the composition of oils seems a bit greasy.

It is creamy, quite dense, homogeneous, without foreign inclusions, reminiscent of thick cream, white in color.

I use it 2-3 times a week, this is enough for me to maintain the skin in good condition.

Very well and evenly spread over the skin, it is necessary to leave it for 10-15 minutes. During this time, it is partially absorbed, slightly cools the skin and I love it.

It perfectly cleanses the skin, do regulates the activity of sebaceous glands.

Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, unlike some remedies for oily skin, which only drained her. Also, the mask makes the skin matte, and as I thought, slightly lightens it.

A volume of 300 ml.

Period of use: 16 times.

Price 890 R.

Rating 5.

Moisturizing fluid ARAVIA Professional Hydratant Cream Fluid.

This tool, like the mask, you can buy it at the shop or online store.

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Is the fluid in a convenient plastic bottle with a sensitive dispenser that squeezes the funds as long as necessary.

The packaging says all the necessary information from the manufacturer.


The fragrance, a floral with notes of menthol, light and not annoying. On the skin after application.

Fluid light, white color, a little oily, I thought. I think this is due to the presence in the composition of the oils.

Now I use it in the evening after a good cleansing. The consumption is very economical, very well distributed, and most importantly, is absorbed very quickly.

The next morning the skin is not oily, but moisturized, there is no appearance of new lesions, which makes me very happy. It is an excellent remedy for oily skin, which I most likely will purchase again.

These two remedies for oily skin from Aravia me very much, they are well-suited my skin really well and prevents new blemishes.

A volume of 150 ml.

Term of use 1.5 months.

Price 780 R.

Rating 5.

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