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My acquaintance with the brand Givenchy continues and the next step was a visit to the Day of the brand in one of the famous cosmetic networks. As a result, the weight of pleasant impressions, makeup by experienced makeup artist, working with Givenchy and pleasant shopping. In my post, I would like to share impressions from professional makeup, the inspiration for which was an incredibly beautiful autumn collection Midnight Skies from Givenchy.

Interested? Want to see the result? Then I ask a cat.

Just want to mention that in my post no macro photos, but will be a lot of “working” photos that document the process of creating the image.

I must say that this is not my first attempt to visit a professional make-up, but the first time the master did not consider my wishes and the characteristics of the face, so the result is I did not like and, moreover, for a long time discourage the desire to turn to makeup artists. This time I decided to experiment just because I was absolutely captivated autumn makeup collection from Givenchy and although I have already decided that buying a limited edition eyeliner I really wanted to try it before purchasing. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet with other products of the brand, try them out and get competent advice from a good makeup artist. The makeup artist was really was very good, knowledgeable and loved his job. In the course of the work of the master told me a lot about makeup techniques, about tools that were used when creating the image. We immediately found a common language and can say worked together, I, of course, also very pleasant.

Before makeup, Irina (makeup artist) cleared the face from dust and possible contaminants (for makeup I came without makeup on my face was just a moisturizer) using a micellar water Ready-to-Cleanse, which is then removed with a lotion. Micellar water is pleasant, does not leave a sticky film and gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

1 stage: cleansing with a micellar water Ready-to-Cleanse. In the process of working with a makeup artist we talked a lot, so photos captured us in motion.

After cleansing came the moisture. Since I have combination skin, makeup artist invited to apply moisturizing and nourishing cream for skin glow Hydra Sparkling. The cream has a soft texture that resembles a gel or jelly with a very pleasant aroma.

Familiarity with the Hydra Sparkling cream.

Despite the fact that the texture is very gentle, gel miraculously recovers, while in the jar.

We collect the required amount of cream…

A few seconds after the required portion of the cream was taken from the jar, the remaining cream back to its ideal condition. “For the perfectionist”- such an accurate description was given by a makeup artist.

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And observe the miraculous “recovery” of the cream in the jar.

I love the gel texture and often prefer them in their daily care, so the cream I was very interested. On my skin the Hydra Sparking cream is absorbed instantly, leaving the face feeling greasy or film. By the way, in the evening after removing makeup, I noted that the skin is well hydrated and nourished. I will definitely look for this cream in the future.

Makeup artist deals cream Hydra Sparkling on the face and neck.

In the next stage, under the eyes, the bridge of the nose and above the upper lip Irina struck the luminizer face and skin around the eyes L intemporel Blossom. This tool aims to well moisten the skin around the eyes, smooth out wrinkles caused by dehydration of the skin, highlight the skin around the eyes and make it less noticeable dark circles under the eyes.

The means L’ intemporel Blossom is applied under the eyes.

In addition, the tool can be used as a highlighter, as it gives the skin a more rested and fresh look.

On the bridge of the noseAnd above the upper lip.

The tool is incredibly beautiful with a delicate pinkish hue and pleasant aroma. On the face is not felt. I just fell in love with this tool and, if possible, will definitely buy it.

After applying skin funds make up artist proceeded to adjust the shape of the eyebrows. Eyebrows — this is my sore subject. When I last time was on a professional make-up, I absolutely do not like bright, almost black, wide eyebrows, which I did the make-up artist. One had the feeling that her eyebrows existed separately from my face. I was very lucky that Irina is not only a makeup artist, but brow with a great sense of style. For the most natural effect she used eyebrow pencil EyeBrow Pencil in shade 3 and much restorefile.

Drawing eyebrow with pencil EyeBrow PencilSmudge pencil brush.

I really liked that in the process I could observe the drawing of the eyebrows in the mirror and, if necessary, we adjusted the result. And as a result, the most natural effect, which I extremely liked it.

The last touches to working with the eyebrows.

For the face of Irina used a mattifying cream Foundation Matissime Velvet. I have skin with pink undertone, so the makeup artist used the shade 04 Beige Mat with a neutral undertone to slightly neutralize rotovisco.

The shade of cream on hand.

Concealer caused a large brush, creating a very thin, almost transparent, covering without mask effect.

Application of Foundation on face with a brush.

I noticed that the cream is not felt on the skin. This is important to me because I just can’t stand it when the skin is a film or greasy.

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On top of Foundation in the relevant areas, the makeup artist used the new powder-Teint Couture halter 2018 Shimmer Powder in shade 02 “Shimmering gold” from the limited collection. The highlighter gives a very beautiful overflow, but it looks very delicate and noble. I really wanted to try in the makeup this shade, because I bought the illuminating powder in the shade 01 “Shimmering pink” and now this is my favorite makeup tool. Now I can say that both colors, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful and equally look beautiful in makeup.

Feather powder is a highlighter.

To further adjust the area under the eyes Irina used the concealer Mister Light Glow, which blocked a Matt concealer Mister Light in shade 4. Thus it was possible to completely hide the blue, but at the same time achieve the most natural.

The adjustment of the area under the eyes.

Our main goal was to create makeup in the style of the autumn collection Midnight, focusing on limitirovanie eyeliner Midnight Skies Sparkling Vinyl Liner, so for a basic eye makeup was chosen sudovye restrained hues. Under the eyebrow, Irina has applied the illuminating powder Teint Couture Shimmer Powder in shade 02″ Shimmering gold”, which was previously deposited on the face. Then, at the crease, was stumped darkest shade from the palette Prisme blush Blush ( ottink palettes 06 “Romance”).

For basic eye makeup was used palette blush Prisme Blush in shade 06 “Romance”

On mobile eyelid makeup artist struck a lighter shade from the same palette and said outer corner of the eye and lower eyelid using the darker shade of eyeshadow from the palette Prisme Quatuor (shade in the palette 2 “Seductive”)

To darken the outer corner and lower eyelid used the palette Prisme Quatuor eyeshadow in shade 2 Alluring”.

In addition, Irina inflicted on the mucous century black pencil Magic Khol. The pencil gives a rich color and very easy to slip on. I held out until the evening.

As a result, the eye makeup turned gentle and restrained at the same time. Great daytime option.

Eye makeup.

The finishing touch and highlight makeup eyes went wide expressive hands made a limited-edition eyeliner Midnight Skies Sparkling Vinyl Liner shade 7 “Red Night”.

Draw the arrow.

I really wanted to try this eyeliner. She amazed me with its magnificent colour still photos in recent posts, and after testing in the store finally fall in love with. I went to a professional make-up for the specific purpose to try her make-up and understand if it fits.

Drawing arrows took us a little longer than expected, as I have a very top lid and it was shaking, when touching Irina. Interesting, but it doesn’t happen when I draw your own hands. The wizard was the perfect fit. Eyeliner is also great. She has an incredibly beautiful deep shade with an interesting metallic effect. Unusual, but not daring it will look great for everyday wear, giving it a special charm, and in the evening.

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Draw the arrow tailof the Arrow

Immediately after the makeover I bought this eyeliner because I just couldn’t leave without her. I know that many people do not like her brush, but I think it’s a matter of taste. For me this is the most comfortable liner that I had.

To maintain the shade of arrows for lashes was chosen mascara Noir Minight Skies’interdit from the limited collection in shade 2 Dark Red. It gives the eye makeup completed the look.

Mascara used mascara from the limited edition of the Midnight Skies Noir’interdit in shade 2 Dark Red.

And the last chord in the makeup was beautiful lipstick Midnight Skies’interdit Rouge Sparkle in shade 26 from the same limited collection. I mainly prefer by sudovym shades in lip makeup, but this lipstick, like all the collection, stuck in the heart and in addition it has a wonderful “collected” image, combining all its parts into one.

Applying lipstick.

Lipstick the makeup artist applied with a brush and then increased the hue, applying it from the stick. The lipstick is very comfortable to wear. It absolutely does not dry the lips and does not form white stripes for the whole day. I was pleasantly surprised by her fortitude. She suffered great lunch at the restaurant and were intact. I am very sorry that, at the time of makeup, lipstick is already over in the store. Otherwise, I would have gladly bought it.

At the end of the makeup Irina put on some lipstick as blush.

Lipstick used as a blush.

And finally a few photos of the finished makeup.

Makeup eye arrow Makeup.And full image.

And the makeup looks at Dnevnogo lighting on the street.

Photo image in daylight.

I am very glad that visited the Day of the Brand Givenchy. I was able to get acquainted with the brand, its aesthetic, to try interesting tools. In my posts I already wrote that this fall, the brand Givenchy has become for me a personal discovery and it never ceases to amaze me and amaze still. And, of course, I had an incredible, wonderful emotions, met some great professional people who love their profession and create beauty, and for a while plunged into the magical and wonderful world of the beauty industry and was able to feel part of it.

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