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Good day, dear readers!

In his first post in the new 2019 I will talk about professional makeup from the brand Dior.

So, if you are interested to see the result, ask a cat.

Day Dior brand in the famous cosmetics network was for me a great opportunity to get acquainted with the professional line of makeup Backstage. This line for a long time was used by the makeup artists at Dior fashion shows, and in the spring of 2018 she arrived in wide sale.

Fasting as usual there will be many photos taken in the process of creating makeup.

This makeup was not intended to create a specific image. I simply wanted to learn more about the line Backstage, so the makeup can be called “makeup in the style of Backstage”. Just want to note that I was very lucky with the makeup artist, it has however become a wonderful tradition. Roman worked at several screenings of the brand as part of an international team of makeup artists. To observe how he does makeup, is incredibly exciting and interesting. It works very quickly and accurately. In addition, I noted one trait that, in my opinion, typical male approach to makeup, namely, stressed-easy masking and the desire not to overload the large number of makeup concealers. With this approach I have met on a professional makeover from Chanel.

Photo makeup

To cleanse the face the makeup artist used a micellar water Hydra Life, which is then removed by using hydrating water-sorbet 2 in 1. Water contains natural ingredients that help to fight unwanted Shine. I liked the fact that moisture leaves no oily film and does not feel on the skin.

In addition, it does not dry the skin, due to the absence of alcohol.


After cleansing came the turn of the cream to prepare the skin for makeup application. For this purpose, the novel used a generic cream Capture Youth, which can be used not only for face but also for the eye area. The main objective of cream is to slow down the appearance of signs of skin aging. In the formulation of this cream was attended by scientists from the University of Pierre Curie and Maria Sklodowska-Curie. Despite the fact that the texture of the cream is quite dense, the cream is absorbed almost instantly and there was a feeling of moisture.

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Application of the cream

The most interesting thing in this makeup for me was the Foundation. By the time the visiting session of professional makeup I ran out of Foundation cushion and I had to find the right Foundation. Therefore, a meeting with Foundation for the face and body Backstage was very helpful. I am very glad that I was able to try this based on a professional makeup, as a wide palette of shades and to choose the most suitable shade alone I would have been hard. The novel picked up for me a shade ofN 1.5, which is merged with my skin. Also had the opportunity to try any shade with a slight tan, but I prefer BB cream tone on tone with my skin. The cream is perfectly distributed in the skin. Roman used the flat brush for Foundation. At home I distribute the cream with your fingers. Coating density can be varied depending on the method of application and layering. In order to give the face a beautiful healthy glow, makeup mixed Foundation, and the youth Capture serum for Shine.

Familiarity with the Youth Capture serum for radiance

The serum can be used as a standalone tool for brightening and smoothing the skin or added to Foundation for the “Cinderella effect”- the skin instantly looks fresher and filled with an inner radiance. It turns out very nicely.

Tinted moisturizer and serum

Application of Foundation

For the eyebrows Roman chose a bright palette 001. It is worth noting that the palette is composed of very logical from a lighter shade at the base of the eyebrows to darker on the tail.

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Palette for eyebrows

I think this palette very convenient to use. Eyebrows was bright, but natural as possible. This effect I like.

Eyebrow shaping.

Eye makeup affair was carried out by using the palette for eyes Dior Backstage in shade 002 Cool Neutrals.

The inner mucosa of the upper eyelid makeup summed up using the black pencil.

Summing up the internal mucosa with a black pencil.

Next on the entire lid was applied the primer included with the palette. The main objective of the primer is to block the natural skin tone and make the shadow tones on the eyelids the same as in the palette.


After the novel primer was applied to entire lid up to eyebrow with a light shade of pink Shimmer pink, creating a base for the next shade. Despite the fact that this shade is stated as shimmery special shimmer I don’t find.

On mobile eyelid makeup artist has applied a matte pink shade Мatte pink. In the curve of the eyebrow superior eyelid darkened shade of Matte Purple, which stretched to the outer corner of the eye and slightly into the crease.

So we got a makeover with a hint of smoky eyes. In the outer corner to enhance the effect of the novel added a dark shade Matte plum.

The remains of a dark shade is very easy shade on the lower eyelid to the subtle veils.

The shade is very delicate, easy to feather. With them you can create subtle eye makeup with the effect of “no make”, and more vivid saturated. Completed eye makeup black mascara Pump”n Volume.

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Eye makeup was quite bright, but very gentle.

To complete the work on the face a novel used an incredibly beautiful mosaic for glow Backstage.

Palette to make it Shine.

The bright white shade make-up artist used as a highlighter, applying it on the back of the nose, cheekbones, above the upper lip and in the inner corners of the eyes. The pink shade was used as an incredibly beautiful blush.

I admit that the palette impressed me with its beauty and functionality. I will definitely be back for her.

The lip area, it is still at the stage of applying makeup, Roman put on lip balm exfoliant Addict Lip Sugar. Thanks to the lip balm became more smooth and natural pigment more vivid.

After absorption of the balm make-up artist struck on the lips with a bright shade of lipstick from the palette for the lips Backstage.

Palette for lips.

I loved that the shades in the palette for lips can be mixed together or with other means of scales. Finishing touch makeup was applying over lipstick Golden ( light brown) and highlighter from the palette to make it Shine.

And finally the complete image.

On the street in daylight.

And after a while. (photo from phone)

The makeup turned out moderately bright, fresh and very feminine.

Product line Backstage, I certainly liked its functionality and quality, and the ability to mix various mediums and textures together. I will definitely be back for a remarkable palette to make it Shine and the palette for lips.

Thanks for read my post, I hope you found it interesting.

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