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Good day, dear readers!

In my fairly busy work schedule finally got some time to share my beauty experiences, which in late autumn we have a lot of. This remarkable professional make-UPS, and the birthday of the beloved beauty shop, and interesting purchases, and even incredibly interesting beauty conference. All these impressions will last for a few posts, but to start I would like with the story about the professional makeup from Chanel.

So, I ask under kat.

I have for several months had a kind of beauty dream: to go for a session of professional makeup from Chanel to experience for yourself the philosophy and aesthetics of this legendary brand.

Of course, I was familiar with the brand and even once upon a time, as a student, I had a palette, which I used with pleasure, but the brand was not particularly dear to me. Scared me off the emphatic classicism, typical of Chanel. However, recently, I am attracted to the interesting concept of intuitiveness in the creation of makeup and beautiful intelligent audacity, promoted by the now brand. As a result, I really wanted to get acquainted with the legend of the French cosmetic and fashion industry. Such an occasion presented itself on one of the days of the Brand in the famous cosmetics network.

The make-up session was held in the evening, so, unfortunately, to take pictures in daylight was not possible. In the post I will try to share impressions of the means used and the process of creating makeup.

As session make-up from Givenchy, makeup artist at Chanel paid great attention to the preparation of skin for makeup application. Funds were used quite a bit, but it gave me the opportunity to meet with wonderful care range Hydra Beauty.

For cleansing the skin were used tonic water Le Tonique, which gently tones and soothes the skin. By the way, the soothing properties I could feel fully as I have had periodic exacerbation of inflammation. Cleansing water is very nice, doesn’t leave a sticky film on the skin and gives a feeling of freshness.

The Application Of Le Tonique

After cleansing the make-up was applied to the skin moisturizinglotion essence with microspheres Camellia Micro Liquid Essence of the Hydra beauty range. Essence is a perfect base for make-up and almost instantly absorbed, leaving the skin stickiness or other unpleasant sensations. The skin is very delicate, soft and smooth. Essence may also be applied to the area around the eyes.

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Cleansing water Le Tonique lotion and essence Liquid Micro Essense

After essence fully absorbed into the skin, the makeup artist proceeded to skin. For this purpose, was chosen Chanel CC cream in shade number 20. Up to this point I didn’t really like CC creams because everything I had was too heavy and greasy for my skin, it was the feeling that my skin is not breathing. But this CC cream was able to change my opinion about this kind of funds. Cream great lay on the skin without weighting it and without creating a mask effect. By the way, my feelings I was able to test with multiple probes.

The application of SS seam.

I want to draw attention to the fact that the makeup was not used scissors. Despite the fact that the skin had inflammation it was decided to abandon the proofreaders, not to burden the makeup. On top of CC cream to ease the subsequent correction of the face and pinning tones, Nicholas struck a loose powder Poudre Universelle Libre in the lightest shade. I would like to note that after removing makeup, I noticed that the inflammation was less.

To correct the shape of eyebrows and face make up artist chose a versatile eyeshadow palette , Natural eyeshadow palette, Les Bieges.Frankly, this palette I just conquered. She’s really versatile and allows you to do almost all makeup using only her. Despite the fact that the eyeshadows are very gentle, almost transparent, they are perfectly refreshing view, and to shape the eyebrows and correct the shape of the face. This palette has become indispensable to me.

For eyebrows, I used two shades: cool brown, and black. Mixing these two shades on the brush, Nicholas received a shade that was perfect for my brows.

Drawing eyebrows with a versatile palette Les Bieges

As a result of brow is very natural, but moderately bright. I so liked the result that I am now happy to correct eyebrows using these shadows. After the eye makeup to enhance the effect on the eyebrow was caused resistant brow gel Le Gel Soursils in the shade 360.

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To correct the shape of the face was also used cold shade of brown from the palette. Due to the fact that shade was applied on top of the powder, the effect was most natural. I’m very wary of bronzers and correction in General, but I won’t be original and say that was very pleased with the result and sometimes make myself a correction.

The correction of the face using a palette Les Bieges

Shimmery light tint make-up artist used as a highlighter.

Before proceeding to makeup, we makeup artist discussed the end result. We wanted to create a way that best reflects the aesthetic of the brand. A sample was taken makeup keira Knightley. Therefore, the main focus of the makeup was placed on eyes: smoky eyes in brown tones, with the effect of “murderous eyes”.

As the basis of Nicholas inflicted on the entire eyelid with a light shade from the palette Les Bieges. Further, upper and lower eyelid he restorefile waterproof liner Waterproof Stylo in shade20.

A pencil was applied on the mucosa. After shading Nicholas secured the pencil using warm brown shade from the palette. Interestingly, pencil and brown shadow was applied to eyes eyelids were visible a light shade like transparent necroshine eyelid. The result is an interesting lens flare effect during blinking. It makes the look more mysterious. Next on the mucous membranes and Mirashnichenka space make-up artist applied a waterproof pencil Stylo Waterproof in shade 10, carefully rastushevok it. Was very bright and intriguing smoky eyes.

Eye makeup

Made up makeup eyes mascara Le Volume Revolution with an innovative brush printed on a 3D printer.

Brush mascara Le Volume Revolution

This mascara has caused many mixed reactions, but I without exaggeration I can say that I like this mascara delivers. Mascara in fact refers to the actual now the style of 80-ies, creating the effect of Twiggy, that is a long lightly glued lashes. Besides mascara gives lashes an intense black shade. Maybe this mascara is not suitable for every day, because the effect of its use cannot be called natural (for this purpose, in my opinion, a great mascara Givenchy) but it’s beautiful and definitely worthy of attention.

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Makeup artist a little bit to comb eyelashes after mascara. By the way, it is very convenient to do 3D setochkoj.

And eye makeup is ready:

A little correct eyebrow

And admire the result

It’s time for blush. Nicholas chose blush Joues Contraste in a very beautiful shade of 170 Rose Glacer.

The blush

The shade of blush is incredibly soft and delicate. To create an even more natural effect, the makeup artist also caused a blush to the forehead, temples and chin.

Completed the image wonderful matte lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême in shade 118 Éternel.

The lipstick is very comfortable, it does not dry and tightens the lips. In addition, it goes beautifully and you don’t have to correct after meals. And, of course, I loved the color. For me it is quite sudovy and fits well in daily makeup, but for an evening out, this shade is perfect.

And the end result. Unfortunately, it was evening time and the lighting is appropriate.

In addition to professional makeup in the same day, I visited a massage of the hands using the tools of the brand. So I was curious to meet care cosmetics brand in the course of this pleasant procedure, I asked to use not only, but also the means to care for the skin.

Cleansing using familiar water Le Tonique.

My skin is always in need of hydration and this applies not only to face but also to hands, therefore, before using the cream, the beautician applied the serum Hydra Beauty Micro Sérume.

So the result is an incredibly pleasant procedure and pleasant conversations I have enriched my knowledge about the brand Chanel, and met with very interesting tools that have already appeared in my care.

To summarize, I can say that I am very glad that I immersed myself in the beautiful elegant atmosphere of the great French house and discovered the fascinating world of Chanel.

Thanks for read my post, I hope you found it interesting.

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