Project Pan Update 2. Results for 10 months

Finally, I was going to write my second update of their project. Time has flown since the start of the decent, those who are interested, I ask under kat

My endeavor for almost 10 months, I can’t believe it’s been a long time.
My first post on this subject here:
Confession butagaya and Project Pan as therapy
Project Pan Update 1. The types of Project Pan+results in four months

So, what happened with me and my attitude to cosmetics for the time elapsed since the last post.
What I basically received the diploma of the visagiste. As a result, there are obvious pros and cons.
Will start with the cons, or rather one minus:
— to apply my skills, I needed to buy cosmetics, because even my existing Arsenal did not close the required minimum. So what do I, as the owner of a dry skin, you had to buy Foundation for oily skin, plus need different density, proofreaders, Adjusters, lipstick (its really unhygienic to use), etc. Therefore, if we sum the total available to me the amount of dekorativke, it has definitely increased. And there is a chance. bought something extra
now the pros. I considered myself a person who is well versed in cosmetics, but in the learning process, found that many do not know. And understand why some shadows or lipsticks aren’t really my thing, and that it’s not in my ability or clothing. As a result, new purchases the wrong colors I don’t like.
— start to see how fit or not fit me or that the color tone and have learned to adjust to available with Adjusters;
— is it to paint itself)
— paint with others and get pleasure from it (although the practice, to be honest, a little);
In addition, helped the girls from my group to buy cosmetics from websites and advising them on the range, then my topologicheskie skills proved very useful. Received great pleasure from this and found that when I buy someone, there is no desire to pick up something extra, especially if you need to get for free shipping.
Now about my Shopaholic. He continues to have seizures, to be honest, and more online drives me, especially when after the break begins the wave of sales or market threw something new and interesting. Here the main thing for me is to endure the impulse, sometimes throwing in the trash and go out with site. If after some time I go, and I still want to buy it, then leave in the basket, it again is) but most often a large part removed. Thus realized that I still allow myself sometimes purchases, especially those products in the wishlist for a very long time, then you will not regret and use it with pleasure. So I allowed myself to purchase a lipstick-metallic Kiko lipstick Ofra on sale, did not regret a single minute. Ofra for me at the moment, the best matte lipstick ever and I tried a lot of them (I had vitality to dried lips and I got it). For the New year I want to allow rumyashki Hourglass one shade beckons me, too, at least six months.
Most interesting is that starting to use this or that product, occasionally think, and why I bought another and another in the same colors? Here’s a great product, satisfied with everything, use at your pleasure.
In General, I can say that I got the rhythm, but, of course, the most difficult was and still is to use one or the other, and talking about colours. Rather, one bronzerat or highlighter with virtually no problems. But the same eye shadow or lipstick — just punishment. Most of what I was missing — for two weeks, and then I need Nude today, tomorrow, a reddish shadow from the Anastasia Modern Renessance, the day after tomorrow Bahromov want. As a result, a small amount of decorative products, which I was able to finish. But it’s all very well.
Now a little about the products, which “finish” now. Decorative cosmetics:
Talk a little about some of them. First, the overall picture from a different angle:If we compare the photo of the previous post, we can see that most of the products remained the same. Finished the lip gloss, the rest is still in process.
1. The long-suffering Bobby Brown highlighter, the most “ancient” in my collection and it looks like one of the most steadfast tin soldier. Especially when you consider that prior to the draft it was quite heavily used. I use it every day since the beginning of the project. Took on business trips, vacations, and so when we wanted something else. Total is with the holidays, the holidays will be typed like, a month “passes”. And with all my diligence I still haven’t finished it. I managed to break it, but because the cover during the fall did not deploy, I peripersonal it. Used it for a month, and that day, when daughter to holes, managed to break again and again had to pererisovyvali. And only two weeks again daughtery to the bottom, and the surface is increasing rapidly. I doubt I’ll finish it before November, but I hope that at least half of the remaining product will go. If, I’m just very happy.
Photos, before, after the last pripressovki, current status.
March 2018
After the second pripressovki and the current status.
2. The same endless bronzer Bobbi Brown. I did break up with him, started to use only in the summer, managed to drop it once and a little break too (along with highlighter). But still a lot to finish too unlikely.
3. Mascara and eyeliner Stila. Bought in a set at a discount, turned out to be a very profitable investment. I use them for six months. In eyeliner 0.5 ml, I use it almost every makeup, but it is not going to dry up. Usually my eyeliner of this type expires in two or three months, and this is not. Draws a thin line, it is actually water-resistant, removes easily, the felt tip will Maritsa, what else do you need? Mascara is also great, gives super volume. Mascara and eyeliner are one of the few products that I want to repeat after they end.
The brush of mascara
4. Blush Benefit Coralista. While I use them for two reasons. First, because they were already wiped to holes, quickly withdraw, and it motivates me in General. Secondly, they suit me just yet I have a little tan, at other times they look red to me. And heavily tanned face is simply not visible. Trying to remember what they loved me so that I daughtery them to the hole when just bought, and can’t, be honest)) do Not hold on to me, and fit very limited amount of time.
5. Concealer Inglot No. 58. Decreases, but it is not going to end. Excellent proofreader, I will repeat, most likely, in spite of his infinity. I use them with every makeup! He was already more than a year, and will last for at least six months. A great tool for masking bruises, with wrinkles not numb, economical)))
6. Lumene CC cream is expected to quickly finish it because the tube seemed very easy, thought that’s enough, max, for a month. In fact still alive, though I haven’t used it in a row, at first I could not bring myself to for some reason, all are hand stretched to another, and I was dusky and pinkish at the same time. And with the Adjusters were too lazy to bother. Besides it disappears on my skin by lunchtime, that I do not like it. In the end, they are using the tube is easier, he thinks to end, spits air at every tilt, but the product produces in sufficient quantity. With him I realized that I do not like opaque containers))) But in September we will dapolito 100%
7. Cream shadow Bobbi Brown — reanimated them using oil, because it is quite dry and use instead of the base under shadow, because I understand that in a different capacity and will not wait in the wings. Of progress hard to judge, but it, of course.
8. Armani concealer again product very easy in an opaque tube, it has a large volume. 15 ml, but I use them for a long time, also occasionally “spits” out of the tube but not the ends. Repeat never be good, but for the money you can find a much better product. The most shame for such a luxury product that he has a very weak thread on the tube is bad is twisted and fixed, so the trip is dangerous to take, can occur.
9. Makeup base ake Up For Ever — a good thing, remained. judging by the consumption for about two months, but I will not repeat. Plan to take nourishing or moisturizing.
From what has already ended, I would like to repeat the base under the shade of Nars. It also proved to be infinite, in that moment, when I thought it was over, I pulled the limiter, and then used another five months)
Will show progress on some lipsticks and shadows. He is not great, but that is the reasons described above.
Now care
Show that ended with the previous time, and that now in Vogue.
All are still alive, two of cream from Natura Bisse (why I took care of them and afraid that they will end soon? a mystery …) a Day longer, the second already on the wane, you have to push the tube. Hand cream left quite a bit, even insulting. If I took it with me on vacation, it just would have finished. Generally creams somehow more fun, at least one of the tool ends in a month and it helps to move on. With care I managed to stay for six months I did not buy anything, max patches to replace and buy new when the old ones are ended. Hotelok a lot, but while slowing down.
So what now
The hand cream and the foam cleanser definitely will end in September, the rest view.
The probes won’t show you consume them during vacations and business trips, leaving time pieces for 10-15, if take, was very convenient format for trips and at the same time have the opportunity to try.
If you count the number, then the total I finished the 24th position of care, not counting the sheet masks. If you add them over 30.
Decorative dummy number about the same, but the contents not quite satisfies me, and the concealer with a little Foundation. None powdery product, and would very much like. I think they will eventually be suffering the highlighter.

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Thanks for the read , please share your success if you do something like that. Next post will be the final one, haven’t decided yet, will do it in November or at the end of the year. All until we meet again!

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