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Today will talk about another colour mascara, which is one of the leading positions of my personal rating.
The Lemon is quite a wide range of coloured mascaras, but I was told that this line is removed from production and now sell residuals. Very sorry, it is their consistency think that the most successful.
Hard plastic, streamlined and quite pleasing to the eye. No monograms and other decor not. Limiter performs its function and does not transmit superfluous.
The brush is cone-shaped, made of soft lint.

The mascara is creamy, quite thick. It separates and defines lashes. Does not spread and is not printed for centuries, even in the heat, but rain and wet weather does not tolerate.

The color is bright and very summery. Varies a little depending on the lighting, but the matte finish is unchanged.
Wear prefer one or two light layers, with a thick layer of lashes look overloaded in my opinion and they obviously needed brushing separate the brush. Although, I think the result will depend heavily on the source. My eyelashes are themselves quite sutonny to the tips and not every mascara can be separated.

As you can see, the lashes so light that even the camera the tips are practically not caught.

The mascara itself is bright and self-sufficient. None of the eyeshadows in my makeup bag with her good friends, but very very solid. Therefore, carry without anything.
During the day, no flaking, and generally well-behaved, removed mitsellyarnoi without streaks. Gives lashes the heavier they remain soft and supple. For its low price is just a great mascara.

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Price: 350 p

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