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Today, finally going to talk about some products of the Korean brand Pyunkang Yul. I enjoyed them more than four months and has already made up a fairly complete impression.

I ask you to look at.

Start grade not very long ago. Pyunkang in fact, it is the hospital of traditional Oriental medicine that deals with the treatment of lung diseases, various allergic reactions, skin problems, dermatitis, and, apparently, against this background, decided to create his own line of cosmetics.

The main ingredients is not water, and root extract of the Astragalus plant is the second plant in Asian medicine to use after ginseng. And root extract Chinese goldthread. Another principle embodied in the mark — at least of ingredients, from 5 to 15.

Let’s start with Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner, 100ml (I have the road version, there are use this product 200 ml). Hydrating toner.

The tool is located in a plastic blue bottle (pack delivers separately) with lid-flapper.

Stickers rice paper under handmade. This particular bottle is sold that way, without the box, not sure how a different size.

Did not do a Swatch because it looks like a water, but is “thick”. The consistency inherent in many lotions hyaluronic. The toner out of the hole he does not come out, you need to shake the bottle, then drops a few drops of clear liquid. The smell I do not feel.

All over the face and neck is enough 5-6 drops of the toner, it is perfectly and quickly absorbed, giving a feeling of coolness and moisture. Well suited for so-called “7 Skin Method” or method of the seven layers when the layers are applied one after the other. I don’t usually adhere to this method, the maximum number of layers that I put three, a special difference have not noticed.

Use this toner morning and evening after face wash, but they often do it with cotton squares, which I’ll tell below the masks.

The composition of simple

The root extract of Astragalus plays first violin carries a healing, nourishing, anti-aging properties, rich in amino acids, polysaccharides, trace elements, vitamins.

If you compare this toner toner Klairs, about which I wrote here, the second I like more from him, I feel more moisturizing and longer, and for me it purely subjectively nicer.

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In General, a function of hydration of the stratum corneum, which directed the action of this toner, it perfectly performs, especially well suited for skin normal and Combi.

Volume: 100 ml

Price: 800 roubles

Pyunkang Yul 1/3 cotton pad 160 PCs Cotton squares.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of wool, all sorts of wheels and puff I have to care except for having to remove their mask when washing, or nail Polish, I even micellar water is not poured.

These cotton squares I picked up for only one purpose — to make using them a moisturizing mask.

The squares are small, narrow cardboard blue box with opening top lid.

It’s not usual for us cotton, and a square size of 50×70, very thin, and, I think, made of nonwoven cotton. Not made on the pieces of lint on the skin leaves.

Absolutely not absorbs all impregnated with from 4 squares of exactly the same amount of toner when the three-application (specifically checked), but the hydration, of course, lasts longer. Over time the upper surface of the square dries up, but the leather is still wet. Keep 15 minutes, removed, and residues of toner put in the skin.

Squares are drawn, but not much, one I tear and close the unreached places.

If you are a lover wipe the face, these squares are also suitable, of course, and save the tool against, say, our cotton pads.

I liked these things, convenient and pleasant to use, I advise you to try. Of course, you can use any tonics or essence, and not specifically those that I have.

In pack 160 pieces, the price of 300 rubles.

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream, 100ml. Moisturizer.

As noted above, the packaging, the brand delivers an individual pleasure. I generally like glass, but if it’s blue, lose the will ????

So, the cream in a glass jar, which in turn is delivered in a heavy carton of good quality.

Unscrew the cap, between it and the cream plastic membrane, blade (spatula) included, also plastic.

The cream gel consistency, and white glass colors. There is no smell.

This cream I also took for one reason only, looking at its composition — it is made on the Plante.

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Planta-M (INCI: Polyglyceryl-3 Distearate Methyglucose) is a good emulsifier green (my favorite, all of their creams I make at Plante) under certain conditions forms liquid crystal emulsion with excellent sensation that resembles the lipid matrix of the stratum corneum.

The combination of fatty alcohols and glyceryl stearate as the times gives this a nice emulsion.

Already this suggests that the cream is just perfect the skin, with both dry and Kombi will be enjoyable to use and useful.

Instead of the water used root extract Chinese goldthread, which has moisturising, healing and antioxidant properties. To soften and retain moisture in the skin involved jojoba oil and Shea.

The skin applied easily, very quickly distributed, glides on the skin easily absorbed, leaving a wet trail and a pleasant feeling of coolness.

While it is somewhat oily, it can feel some time on the skin, if you perepisyvat — may zirnite her. But again, it is absorbed well and quickly.

I use this cream only at night as for day moisture I, quite frankly, is not enough. I think normal skin or combination it will fit more than dry.

During the use of damagou, the type of allergic reactions, clogged pores, acne was observed.

Also, this cream is perfectly suitable for enriching any serum or ampoule concentrates, to your taste

If you compare this cream with the same, then I can recommend Blithe Pressed Serum Velvet Yam, which talked about Faith here. He also made on planet, but additionally in the composition of the phytoestrogens wild Yam with anti-age effect, nourishing oils of macadamia, argan and Shea, esters of rosewood, orange and geranium. In its characteristics it is better, I liked more is better, and last longer nourishes and moisturizes, makes skin soft and silky.

Volume: 100 ml

Price: about 2000 rubles.

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule, 100ml. Moisturizing ampoule.

The vehicle is in a glass bottle with a glass pipette, which is put in a cardboard box. Stickers are all the same, from rice paper.

The tool itself is a thick gel, well, or it could be called jelly. Thick, viscous, consistency and texture of liquid glass.

I love these pipette packaging formats, but here it is not very convenient, not always pipette from the first time gaining tool. Itself pipette is lowered into the bottle with a characteristic “CHACOM”.

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The smell of the gel is not.

The manufacturer advises your vehicle before apply to the face, heat in the palms and then imprinting movements to distribute on the face. I don’t do that — just transferred a few drops to the face and then Pat, and not particularly light, spread on damp skin after a tonic.

Despite its density, the gel almost immediately loses its sticky texture, turning into water and well, and is easily absorbed. Cuuute bit there is a little residual stickiness, which passes quickly. No tapes or ampoule forms, the skin “breathes”.

The same plain as the rest of the money, but it’s a feature of the brand is minimalism.

Main ingredient, which is 90% of the composition — the root extract Chinese goldthread.

Moisturize my dry skin with this amp enough and it was prolonged. I noticed that it skin if there is redness or irritation and soothes.

The tool is light, comfortable, summer hot weather, so do the nice thing and the cream is not necessary.

Negative points for all the time use ampoule did not cause.

If, again, compare with similar funds, then recently I talked about Clinique Dramatically Different Hydration Jelly here. It’s lighter, thinner in texture, but, respectively, and the moisture is less than I would have liked. But the part of it richer.

Volume: 100 ml

Price: about 1500 rubles.

Summing up. Products brand I’m happy, but not all. Moisturizer to take not anymore, the range has nourishing cream and revitalizing, but I don’t want to try. The pads will take again the toner and the ampoule is I have replays. Want to take eye cream.

And maybe the cleanser.

One more time — stamps do not carry any anti-aging load, this routine products aimed at moisturizing, revitalization of the skin, which are not only skin care, but also aims to protect the skin from any adverse effects. The basic principle of the brand is the creation of conditions in which the skin heals itself.

Thank you for watching. I — Lena.

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