Queen of the nomads from Tammy Tanuka

The pigment with which began my acquaintance with the world of Tammy Tanuka. Or Cleopatra’s gold, before which is difficult to resist.

Natural light. Cloudy day

Loose eyeshadow Sigil inspired TammyTanuka “Queen of the Nomads”. One of my totally ill-conceived acquisitions. I just saw live this color and bought it because I urgently needed it is a gold to the collection. At the time I didn’t even know really what kind of brand, just a couple of times, heard good reviews.


Queen of the Nomads — a rich orange-gold color, with a strong metallic finish. Best pigment in my opinion, looks great on a substrate applied with a flat brush. Then the color goes deep and uniformly, without gaps. The color of the substrate does not affect the color of pigment. What you can see in the photo below. The pigment is applied without a base, the base for the glitter from NYX, and black eyeliner. At the base, cream shadow, gel and pencil eyeliner are the Queen of the Nomads is applied uniformly and does not tarnish for 7 hours. Without a sticky base color may not look so flat and begin to fade after 1.5 hours.

Natural light. Without the base, the base is nyx black eyeliner

Consider the pigment as an accent more in evening makeup, than for day, or a standalone product. Not the most necessary, but insanely beautiful. To avoid such a pronounced gold. The following is a variant of makeup with pigment. Base were cream eyeshadows M. A. C groundwork.

Artificial light

Period of use: 2 years, from time to time

Price: 400 RUB.

Rating: 5

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