Radiance with Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette


Despite the fact that the line Backstage was released in the summer of last year, it never ceases to attract the eye to the shelves and beckon to its nice balance of price and quality of Dior.

Dior backstage glow face palette is declared as “Palette for luminous face”. Me, a person who loves to Shine, it could not remain indifferent. The palette itself includes two of highlighter (gold and white), blush and bronzer.

Now consider the mosaic closer.

A little bit about ofarmenia:

Initially, the palette is sold in a nice silver cardboard box. The sleek design is very pleasing to the eye. The hand does not rise to throw, so keep the palette in it.

The packaging is quite simple, made of plastic, but still looks quite nice.

The fingerprints on it is not very visible, but after using the small particles of the product are visible on clear plastic. However, this is not critical — it solves the problem easily.

As I said above, the palette includes 4 products: two highlighter (Strobe White Strobe Gold), blush (Pink Blush) and bronzer (Amber Bronze). Basically I used the first three products, until I realized that bronzer can be applied as eye shadow.

The texture of all shades is very nice, velvet. The product is easily typed on a brush and placed on the skin a translucent veil.

Swatch under natural light

The durability standard for powder blushes and shimmers / highlighters. With me and with the base working day products survive successfully.

Swatch shades in natural lighting.

Read more about each shade:

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White White highlighter with the cool undertone and tiny sparkling particles. Apply it with your fingers, careful to drive traffic.

Swatch of the shade in natural lighting

Gives the effect of a very nice wet Shine.

Most often put it in the corners of the eyes and upper lip, sometimes on the back of the nose and on the cheekbones.

White — in the corner of his eye, Bronze — on a movable century.


Highlighter with warm Golden undertone.

Swatch of the shade in natural lighting

I like to apply it on the cheekbones. Due to the fact that the hue of the light, even on untanned skin looks good.


Cold frosty pink shade was a real boon for the winter season. From what not to like: he’s not very pigmented, translucent. However, well-layered, it is impossible to overdo. Also gives a slight healthy glow.

Swatch of blush in natural lighting


Actually, bronzer. In spite of all the same excellent quality of the product this shade I had the most issues, since the skin is quite bright and without a tan.

Swatch under natural light.

The contouring I like to do more matte products, and this shade has a clear warm undertone that also was a problem for me to use until I got him as shadows. Looks good on the eyes, not rolled, keeps properly.

Bronze on a movable century, the White in his eyes, the Gold as a highlighter, Pink — blush. Photo taken in natural lighting.

General impressions of the palette:

The product I really liked it and, of course, was matthewa. With this palette you can very quickly do your makeup, using a minimum of additional products. In the morning or in the days when much time before going there, it is the quality very good saves.

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Cons it I found.

Photo taken in natural lighting. Bronze on a movable century, the White in his eyes, the Gold as a highlighter, Pink — blush.

Rating: 5+

Price: 2 557р a gold card Rive Gauche, 3 410rbl without discounts.

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