Red and Red – Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge in shades of 641 436 and Ultra Spice Ultra Trouble

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This fall, Dior has especially pleased fans of red-orange-red lipsticks – limidi 363 On Fire of autumn “the devil” collection appeared several interesting shades in the new line of lipstick Rouge Dior Rouge Ultra. Two of them I want to show today.

Start with a small Preface. Post in this format, I do not plan to write, and he was born spontaneously. I always seemed difficult to show two products at once, especially considering such a humble experience as a author.

I was going to show the lipstick in shade 641 Ultra Spice. But it turned out wonderful post Inna InGa17 about lipstick 436 Ultra Trouble. Probably the best show this shade is impossible, and as a member of the “Union Red” I am very pleased with the appearance of the post about the Tail of a Fox.

In the comments to the post mentioned shade 641 Ultra Spice as very close to 436 Ultra Trouble, but a calm, caring brown.

Immediately reminded of the feelings experienced when we first met with a line of Ultra Rouge. The most extraordinary that caused my admiration at the sight of Swatch on hand lipstick – of course, Ultra Trouble. Anyone who has seen the Swatch in person, understands what is meant by Inna, “tail of red foxes” that flashes and then disappears, and which is so hard to catch on photo.

Ultra Spice, not caused a sigh of admiration, appeared very versatile, allowing a greater number of combinations in makeup and clothes deep and more classic shade.

I hesitated a lot between shades, so the bright red I have a lot, like limited Ultra Spice as more functional, but in the end, I realized that I can’t leave the corner without Ultra sound.

After the post Inna, I decided that a separate post about Ultra Spice will not be enough informative for those who are thinking about buying lipstick and varies with the choice, and the choice in this case is difficult. Yes, the lipstick of the same texture, and Ultra Trouble, with the same finish, too warm, and also being a ginger in it too, like there.

So similar these two lipsticks are very similar? How different and in what way? Again, show packaging and boxes, though, I think everyone saw.

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Their similarities and differences I will try to show you. Photos will be composite with no frills, but living under different lighting conditions. The metaphor, chosen by Inna, is so apt and accurate that I want to say – “we hunt the Fox”!

Think about the line of Rouge Dior Rouge Ultra all have read, to repeat the description and the manufacturer’s promises, I will not. The innovative formula of moisturizing lips with the polymer in the composition – we believe in the word. Radiant semi-matte finish and incredible pigmentation – Yes, it is. 12 – hour vitality is something out of science fiction, though it may be, the volunteers experiencing the lipstick 12 hours nothing to eat, did not drink, no one spoke, were in a certain temperature and humidity, etc.

The lipstick is not very well-kept circuit, in any case, in hot weather, to test at lower temperatures was not possible. To drink, there are such things as ice cream with it. But the leaves lipstick prints on cups and glasses, in the case of glasses it does not look quite aesthetically pleasing. Lunch may survive, depending on the dish (if not very fatty and cut into small pieces), but the center will have to upgrade. After a particularly “devastating” food remains only the outline.

Vysheperechislennyh characteristics of both shades are the same. I forgive the imperfections lipsticks for color.

Absolutely all the photos on the left (or bottom) — 641 Ultra Spice right (or top) — 436 Ultra Trouble.

Well, now will be a lot of photos.

Lipstick sticks:

In certain light they seem almost twins:

However, see these photos:

641 Ultra Spice does not even look brown, and redder than 436 Ultra Trouble.

And 641 darker and lighter 436:

Lipsticks also look different depending on background, grass, stones, bark of trees.

Swatch lipsticks on hand.

Ultra Spice in the shadows:

In the sun:

Now Ultra Trouble

In the shade:

In the sun:

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And now will be a comparative Swatch.

I’m sorry, but I will show them on the back of the hand, not on the inner surface of the forearm. It’s probably lack of skill, but I find it difficult to show the difference in hues at different angles on the forearm, have not yet learned to bend the arm. The skin tone is still all different, and what different lipstick – you’ll see.

On Swatch manifested the same pattern – 641 redder and darker, I found the description of it as a lipstick not with warm, but with a neutral undertone on some photos she looks like a dark red with a hint of godnosti, and not on the brick. It may be the result of retro-reflection. 436 – lighter and rustier due to the yellow component, so she probably is a brick.

Here still the sun is there, and lipsticks are relatively similar, both warm red:

Here’s another, very similar, right?

But switch on a tangent, the difference in color is particularly evident:

Further, for clarity, I decided to compare the lipsticks with the reference dorowski red-orange shade – Rouge Dior 844 Trafalgar.

On Swatch this shade – far-right. Trafalgar in isolation is perceived more as orange than red. In the same neighborhood with Ultra Trouble, he immediately loses in “orange”. Of course, the perception still affects the difference of textures, Trafalgar lies denser and has a neon finish. Near Ultra Trouble I perceive it as a bright red coral on a warm base, but not as red-orange. And quite unexpectedly for me, closer to Trafalgar is Ultra Spice.

On some photos they are very similar:

And here is a photo, where clearly visible the differences of all three shades:

Next is the lipstick in the image. Show glasses to eye color (I have not quite normal) did not affect the perception of lipsticks and buying decisions.

About the hair — if where to will fall on your lips from the sea blows a very strong wind, is difficult to control.

Rouge Dior Rouge 641 Ultra Ultra Spice

Ultra Spice in different lighting.

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On the lips:

Closer to the evening soft light (cloudy):

In front of the sea sunset:

Here approaching dusk lipstick looks a little cooler:

Azdes again warmer:

Utra Spice at noon in Sunny weather:

Here light is not very good, but you can see what’s left of the lipstick after a full meal (salad, main, dessert). I thought will not do anything.

And here Ultra Spice shot on the same Sunny day and in the same place as Ultra Trouble, half an hour later.

Below you will see a small irregularity of the contour of the lower lip closer to the inner corner on the right — probably smeared a little hair on the wind.

On the lips a closer look:

But here in the shopping center premises:

Rouge Dior Rouge 436 Ultra Ultra Trouble

Ultra Trouble on the lips:

Ultra Trouble I to writing a post (or rather the photography of lipstick) still did not wear, she seems to be more autumn and we have summer, so I extremely wonder how it will look on my lips.

Summer clothing does not create a particularly elegant images. Tried to dress in white in both cases to chromaticy the color of the clothes does not affect the perception of the shade of lipstick.

Images with Ultra Trouble on a Sunny day:


lipstick sticks similar in swatcha realize that they are different, and the lips under certain lighting lipstick can look virtually indistinguishable.

And still looks at me warm, and you see how some pics look Ultra Spice how to behave in lipstick on a cold appearance is unknown.

Weight: 3,2 g

Country of origin: France

Price: 2680 RUB without the discount, the VIP card 2010 RUB

Rating: 5 amazing colors, 4 for the quality (contour and adhesion of hair are all I see).

I hope that I was able to show the difference of the lipsticks and help to determine the shades.

Tried to hurry with the review, as in the Italian Sephora already sold out these shades (at first) and if I am not mistaken, Ultra Mad.

I wish you all an interesting and successful autumn lipstick purchases!

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