Red come. Givenchy Le Rouge in shade 325 Rouge Fetiche

Last year Givenchy have put considerable pressure on other luxury brands., releasing the incredible beauty of its autumn and Christmas collection. In the coming year, the brand is not losing ground. In January before we got the spring issue and a limited-edition collection for Lunar New Year on Chinese New year.

I have to say, I am very impressed with the quality and design of the line Givenchy Le Rouge in a regular basis, and when the brand releases a particular hue in a limited box — for me this is definitely the reason to come to a stand.

Making Lunar New Year traditionally done in red and silver tones. This year’s symbol printed on leather cases, was the clover. Apparently, for good luck.

The mechanism of the case are not changed: still the same stick with a convex closure at the bottom. I do not like to remove cardboard boxes (in this post it is not), but I would say that I like the attention the brand, even to those items of packaging, which are subsequently going to waste. The box was very impressive and made in the style of the main figure.

The 325 shade of lipstick is called Rouge Fetiche, and it can be found in the permanent lineup.

Color — classic red with a good balance of warm notes and sometimes lurks a cold note of raspberry. On my skin the raspberries gives solely on the hand, the lips looks a classic, without a care in the cold. Temptalia and completely characterizes this shade exclusively as “a warm glowing red”. Meanwhile, those of the girls who tested the Rouge Fetiche store will not lie: hints of raspberries at a certain angle to catch you, unconditionally warm this shade is not called.

The texture is declared as Matite Sensuel. Typically, luxury brands, this means the comfort of application and the lack of strong satin luster. My graduation user this lipstick is much closer to a cream than a matte. However, outright fat, megalopoli in it. The texture is perfect: comfortable as much as you need; soft, but not excessively; for loop does not go away (I have no one lipstick from this line for the path did not go away).

Wear without a pencil.

Well and gently glides on the lips the first time covers the pigment of the lips. You can layer: the second layer fits on top of the first, however brightness it adds.

Indicators wearability including, again, close to a cream instances: 3-3. 5 hours without eating, talking and water. During the meal (like any red) it is better to remove, coming off in the center.

Removed and mitelenko, and butter. May slightly stain the lips, but a second pass with a cotton pad solves this problem.

Weight — 3,4 g

Country of origin — France

Price — 2000 rubles with a maximum discount.

Rating — 10/10

I recommend the range in General, and this instance in particular.

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