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While all have not once tried colored mascara, one girl named Oksana every time passed by with her head held high, not even squinting of the eyes. The fact that the game of light and colour seemed to her implicit, boring, uninteresting and could read only at a certain head turning and falling of the sun’s rays (well, mostly). Therefore, all limited edition shades of many well-known brands remained to be sad in the stands.

While known rebellious Marc Jacobs had not submitted 2 years ago its novelty ink O!Mega Lash.

In a couple of carcasses I chose a gel liner wine shade, thinking that they will match and look original in the spring sunshine. Well, originality I’m not mistaken))

Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara #80 Garnet

Well, how do you like the color, hmm?)) Agree, not a trivial? What I was saying. If color, then bright, noticeable, then there is half-measures to suffer.

And then there was the first slight disappointment — the color in person was pretty different from the colors on promo. Although not surprised, of course, it happens very often. But still I was expecting more deep, noble Burgundy color. Where can I red lashes. I’m not a girl from one of the promo Giorgio Armani!

But that is what it is. And it is necessary to try…

Mascara is an elegant, ergonomic bottle black color, in General, in the spirit of the design MJ that I am very impressed, by the way. Mark it described as voluminous and very sexy, but then at all points is debatable, although looking at that concept to invest. In part he is probably right. If light extravagance considered to be sexual, then yeah, maybe))

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But we have to admit that mascara on her eyelashes looking a little more acceptable and still leaves a little shade in Bordeaux, and leaves no scaring red paint.

Brush the mascara has the most that neither is a classic, I have long been weaned from such, though have loved all my life. It is standard in form and size and easy to use, the bristles are good to stain lashes.

The consistency is rather creamy, but it’s a little different than a soft cream mascara, and a little land, and at the tips it forms tiny lumps. This only happens on the second layer (by the way, this is the only mascara that I painted in 2 layers, a given color, after all, in a single layer (color) completely invisible as lashes with it).

The mascara is worn perfectly, no smears, no clumps fall off, not printed, not flowing tears (something very windy, but as always!). Washed off easily with any cleanser to remove makeup.

Marc Jacobs Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Eye Crayon #18 Blaquer (Berry)

I have long been familiar with the eyeliners from the Brand, but the gel eyeliner for some reason I had always overlooked. Not the case, I decided, and ordered another wine liner in a couple of extraordinary mascara.

Here, by the way, there was a second surprise, the ship I expected to see just more red) But no, it was much more blue and actually mark calls it a purple berry. The pair has developed not as I expected, but then I’m going to show you the products together, although in life often wear them separately.

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Liner wear very often, moreover, he was in my recent year at the best decorative products, and it blends perfectly with many of my shadows.

Looks like a Fineliner eyeliner, but the case is a little thinner than the usual pencil, but the lead — in times. This is a very fine stick straight with an unusual cut. It can be unscrewed, but spinning one way. And here it is important not to break on the eye))) or on the cap. So Unscrew a little and draw smooth lines.

The word on the lines. They do come out very thin, like liquid eyeliner. But it can be made any thickness. So fineliner easily replace 2 of the product: the pencil and the eyeliner. The line is thin, rich, eyelid is not drawn and does not scratch.

The color in the stick seems allochernes, and in General the way it is. There is no such strain, as in the story of ink. Here’s more about elegance and grace.

The liner leads an interesting line with a wet finish, I’ve never seen before, it was either Matt or himernye eyeliner / pencil, and here it is “wet” effect. As with all eye products from the brand are very, just very persistent. With the removal of the handle only fat means about micellar water or a foam can be easily forgotten.

It’s not shimmer, it’s a wet finish of the liner. But the mascara seems dry:

Pair together. The color of ink became more wearable, but still quite extravagant and easy to read:

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Do you like it?

According to tradition the complete image, of course:

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