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Lilies of the valley — breathe!

I separately wrote about Eugene Firsanova Marche and its Reflexion

The handwriting of the author — finesse and purity up to transparency. In this submission particularly good soliflore that Eugene the whole series.

I have a bottle and Lord knows I’m torn, choosing the flavor. Tossed between Lilac, Hyacinth, Peony and Lily. All of them listened, all was beautiful… But then I remembered grandmother of Pavasaris with Lily at the head and decided to let it be Lily of the valley.

And now bewitches the spring, wear with sonorous bell is Muguet from Reflexion

Notes: freshly cut grass, Lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, aquatic notes.

Clean, crisp, fresh scent of Lily of the valley, natural and gentle. Live white bells in the grass, covered with dew.

Very natural and refined scent: no noise or disturbance, everything is very clean, transparent, subtle and expressive.

Delicate and bright, fresh and ringing, similar to the spring sun, which warms through the cool breeze.

This Lily of the valley, of Pavasaris, there is no hint of retro, on the contrary, very dynamic fragrance with actual sound.

Aquatic substrate is felt all over, gives the theme of coolness that immediately associated with spring, and from a utilitarian point of view would be wonderful in the summer heat.

And here on this cool aquaticos bloom white flowers 🙂

Very feminine, optimistic, romantic fragrance. Perfect for a bridesmaid, in my opinion. But will fit to any situation, because it is not stifled, by contrast, all turn around and smile after.

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Daisy! With all the transparency and sophistication — Daisy!

Spring in a bottle. 🙂

Wonderful — no words…

The concentration of EDP

The price of 3900 rubles per 15 ml, exhibitions cheaper.

In the sale there are still vials 5 ml.

Girls already got spring fragrances?

Somehow already tired of winter, I want sun 🙂

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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