Refreshing beauty – Masura 1203 Coolness of the evening lake

All kind time of day! Outside the window, BRR how cold it is. For example, I can already feel the approaching winter, and I want to show a Polish that I associate with this time of year. To whom interesting, I ask under kat.

Today in my field of view was Masura 1203 Coolness of the evening lake, created in collaboration with seilbagger @kombucha_whitch_ that gave no one a great mix.

The shade itself seems to me light tilov with turquoise. It has a large number of holographic particles. The texture of jelly.

Applied in two layers: the first one arrived, the second overlaps it. When removing does not stain the nails and cuticles. Its consistency is watery.

In the summer I painted just a couple of times, now the new year has seen the designs based on it. In General, a beautiful deep shade. Not unique, but comfortable and with a twist. I think is well suited for both everyday and festive clothes. I like him better with light jeans and blouses.

At the end of the post, as always design. This time stamping with plate Beauty Big Bang XL018 paint Dance Legend. My version of the ice in a puddle on the photos below.

Price: 349р. on the official website

Rating: 5.

All warm and cozy fall manicures! I’d be happy assessment and communication in the comments.

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