Rescue from Sephora. Lip Laneige Sleeping Mask

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About the brand I had never heard and was very surprised when I learned that in the States to love it and think it is the best tool for the restoration of lips. But if you live in a harsh and snowy Russia, you have to try! Keep striped bag!

Terrible dryness of the lips never really suffered, but this winter was something special. I confess, even thought stupidly to inject hyaluronic acid to hydrate from the inside, because it has not been able to tolerate astringent peeling. It happens that a dry crust is not softened by any balms, oils, karmakshi, puraanam, bepanthene. The bag with the box I watched with some distrust. Well, not this bottle to help me! And in General — masks for lips — a sheer indulgence and a marketing ploy!

Open. Inside the pink box is a jar of very high quality plastic, light berry color. Next to rubberized pocket, it spoon with silicone tip for applying the mask. The aroma is very berry, delicious, and felt only if you stick your nose in the jar. Weight 20 g. It is very, very well!

Under the lid is a white plastic plug. The surface of the mask perfectly smooth, like a frozen surface. Spoon to scoop the mask, about a small pea, and apply in a thick layer on the lips, preferably at night.


The tactile sensation is incredibly nice. Sloppy peeling instantly smoothed, the lips are soft, smooth. My mask reminded me of the famous balm in a jar, Dior, pink. Exactly the same dense and absolutely not siliconata mass.

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Part of the mask, of course, remain on the pillow when they sleep, buried in her. But in the morning awaiting the tale)

I’m not exaggerating. As if there were no scabs, flaking, roughness and unfinished/tattered rags. And that’s without peeling. If in the morning my lips still walk with a toothbrush (if needed), then all the dead flaps of skin fly off and lips are like new! Ready to matte lipsticks) Confirm — this is the best lip therapy that I’ve tried. For those who can not tolerate camphor in Carmex — just salvation. Nothing burns and cools. Besides, if you frequently use some carmex can give the opposite effect, and this mask can be used as often as you want.

Here is the mask on the lips, no color, only the glass gloss. I wear it even in the daytime, on the street. Since no balms don’t do what SHE does) Photos of lip UP there. I didn’t think I’d be impressed by a jar was not going to write a review.Were dry lumps of skin when otdiraniya which gaped redness and reappeared shreds. Except that again to prevent horrible?..

Production: Korea.

Rating: 5++++++ Already found a point where make a stock for next winter.

Price: about 1300 rubles.

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