Researchers have found a link between the biological clock and the condition of the skin

Arunagiri Iddamalgoda, a scientist from the company Ichimaru Pharcos, said that deals with the study of clock genes that determine the life rhythms of the human body, can affect the formulations of cosmetics.

The study of this problem, the scientist is engaged in more than 15 years, in that time his company was interested in exploring how the function of skin barrier is controlled by the internal clock of the skin.

Moreover, in 2017, researchers Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael young were awarded the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine, resulting in circadian rhythms (cyclical fluctuations of the intensity of various biological processes associated with the change of day and night) have become an integral part of the world of science, medicine and now cosmetology.

Although initially focused on skin diseases and pharmaceutical drugs, the modern scientific discoveries show that the understanding of these processes is important for the cosmetic industry. In particular, Ichimaru Pharcos has been researching what formulations of cosmetic products should be developed to take account of the impact of clock genes in the skin barrier.

One of the notable results of their activities – an active cosmetic ingredient Chrono Chardy. It is made using Chardonnay grapes. Ichimaru Pharcos the researchers found that compared to other grape varieties, namely Chardonnay has demonstrated positive qualities to improve the internal clock of the skin.

A number of factors affects how our biological clock. Stress and a hectic lifestyle, aging, light pollution and workflows affect our skin. Rapid evolution and technology that we use day and night affect our body clocks. Arunagiri Iddamalgoda emphasizes that as the world becomes more mobile the person remains in day mode longer and thus can’t underestimate the effect it has on our skin.

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Thus, to do the work of the internal clock is more effective cosmetics should have a certain potential for their activation. The greatest recovery skin needs at night. Everyone has a 24-hour rhythm, which includes the sleep cycle, which plays an important role in the skin condition. Well-adjusted biological clock of the skin will provide a stable moisture level throughout the day, allowing the skin to perform its barrier function and maintaining the ability to increase collagen production during the night.

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